Former NSA Bolton Prepared to Testify in Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Former National Security Adviser- John Bolton was privy to the president’s attempt to compel Ukraine to examine his political opponents by the maintenance of military aid and a White House meeting. Bolton’s offer may not discover any takers in the Senate and Senate which is controlled by Republicans is standing with the president.

Former U.S. NSA, John Bolton on Monday announced that he is ready to testify if subpoenaed in the Senate hearing to condemn or acquit President Donald Trump who was charged by the House of Representatives in December.

Bolton said in a statement that if the Senate issues a subpoena for my evidence, he is prepared to testify. The Senate judgment will conclude if Trump should be impeached from office or not.

Former NSA John Bolton was not a part of it and came across at the whole effort with unconcealed distaste and called it a “drug deal” as his juniors had testified before accusation investigators of the House of Representatives.

House investigators did not subpoena him as they did not want to get into a prolonged court battle has he had delayed his case to that of a junior who had gone to court for a verdict on whether he should observe the president, who did not want him to be a witness, or the House, which had called upon him.

The leaders have so far declined to concur with Democrats’ demand for ousting witnesses. But things could vary if enough Republican senators break up with the leadership and coerce it to consent to call witnesses.


Joseph Johnson

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