The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2684 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2684

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2684 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2684

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2684 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2684

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2684  (Part 1)  | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2684 (Part 1)

Hunter (Hamid) was so shocked that he could not speak. He carefully touched his left leg for a prolonged period, then touched his right leg for a great time. It was only then that he was surprised to look for his two legs were precisely the same thing. It was thick and therefore the same length!

He soon raised his left leg in an enthusiastic way and located that the flexibility of his left leg was even better than before he was not hurt!

Then he tried to jump in situ a few more times, and I even noted that I used to be as light as a swallow. His legs were not only intact, but there was also an inexhaustible force in his body.

At that moment, Hunter (Hamid) thought he had a dream!

He pinched baking with force, only to understand that the pain came so directly and!

It realized that the scene before him was not a dream. !

He is enthusiastic incoherent: “My legs are specialized, my legs really good, really restored my legs as always !!!

He shouted this voice before they were low with Ziva Hank, who did not dare to answer, also checked him unconsciously.

Ziva Hank could not imagine that Charlie could heal the whole world of Hunter (Hamid) with a pill that seemed ordinary. . The main orthopedic surgeons are incurable invalidity surgeons.


The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2684  (Part 2)  | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2684 (Part 2)


However, the truth is so

Leaves E seemed Fieveish Hunter (Hamid) said with a smile: “My brother, come, not sick, take two steps!

Hunter (Hamid) no nodded from his head: “Okay! Take a few steps!” After

This, he took a tread on the stack of rocks on the highest mountain.

This step was fast, stable and easy!

Hunter (Hamid) took another step immediately and it was also easy, and so the body does not even need to change.

These two parties gave Hunter (Hamid) great confidence. He suddenly accelerated and with a hard kick on the left leg, the whole person had already jumped!

Since a crazy figure, a kind of neurosis ran during a circle on the highest of this mountain Sun.

Current, he screamed in the excitement, with a strong cry and laughter, reverberating in the surrounding valleys without people.

Fortunately, there is no land of man with a radius of ten or twenty kilometers. Otherwise, ordinary people will scare it excellent or bad.

Hunter (Hamid) can not worry about it at this point.

He had the impression of running naked for a strong sudden rain in the hot summer heat. The feeling without restraint made it burst out of tears involuntarily.

After running several turns and shout for several rounds, Hunter (Hamid) Strone in Charlie, grabbed Charlie’s hand, almost crazy in an enthusiastic way and at an equivalent moment, said with 10,000 gratitude pious:

“Brother! My legs are all cured! Completely healed! You are my parent Reborn! You are cured, and my legs are like give me a second life! In all cases

He asked his hurry: “Brother, this proportion of drugs cost the drug? I need to offer you ten times!”

Charlie smiles indifferently and said seriously, “It’s all brothers. If you mention the money, you will be out of the question, and if you are not humble, you want to offer me ten times, old brother, you will not be ready to allow it.

As far as I know, there is a miraculous drug slightly stronger than it, and it had been sold at a high price of two billion yuan. If you give me ten times, I’m afraid your army needs to sell iron …

Hunter’s’s face (Hamid) was hot for a short time, and he said embarrassing: “Brother, it’s my brother I’m abrupt. Such a magic medicine is not expensive for sale for 100 million US dollars! It’s this brother, I really need funds now.

I can pay you ten million dollars and that I will slowly offer you the rest! ”

Charlie agitated his hand and said calmly, “brother, since you and that I deserve brothers, then this medicine is my gift to you, you will not be so polite with me, but if you want help from my brother in The future, do not forget me.

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