XNX Transmitter Wiring Diagram PDF Free Download For Windows 7 – xnx transmitter wiring xnx xnx transmitter manual pdf download

XNX Transmitter Wiring Diagram PDF Free Download For Windows 7xnx transmitter wiring xnx xnx transmitter manual pdf download –  XNX is a very adaptable transmitter that can be arranged to acknowledge info from any of the Honeywell Analytics goes of gas sensor technologies.

It can likewise be designed to give a wide assortment of industry-standard yield signals.

This empowers clients to have a solitary sort of the interface to every one of their gas recognition needs, in any event, when various sorts of indicators are utilized, to most successfully address the various gas discovery applications on location.

It has likewise been futureproofed by being able to have other yield modules fitted as new yield norms are created and embraced by the industry.


XNX has Worldwide unsafe region and execution endorsements and is housed in a flameproof nook that is accessible in either painted marine evaluation aluminum amalgam or then again treated steel 316 renditions.

Sensors Compatibility

XNX is perfect with the entirety of the Honeywell Analytics scope of modern fixed gas sensors including Searchline Excel, Search point Optima Plus, Sensepoint (HT and PPM) and Model 705.

For additional data on these sensors, if you don’t mind allude to their individual datasheets.

The XNX EC sensor is additionally a useful treated steel sensor with a wide scope of lethal and Oxygen module sensor cartridges.

The XNX EC sensor interface to the XNX transmitter is characteristically protected, permitting the sensors to be ‘hot-swapped’ without the requirement for a hot work grant.

This decreases the expense of proprietorship by lessening the expense and time to support the locator.

XNX Transmitter Configuration

XNX has three fundamental characters (designs) that bolster unique kinds of sensors.

The POD decides the XNX transmitter conduct dependent on the sensor type appended to it and the chose yield alternatives.

The mV (millivolt) character is utilized for all mV signal information sensors including MPD, Sense point HT, PPM and the Model 705.

The EC (Electrochemical cell) character is for use with the XNX EC harmful and Oxygen sensors. The IR (infrared) character is for use with the Search line Excel open way and search point Optima Plus point infrared gas finders.

The XNX transmitter might be designed current source, sink or disengaged. These alternatives are offered to permit more noteworthy adaptability in the sort of control framework that can be utilized with. Source/sink/segregated is selectable by means of the switch situated on the posterior of the POD.

For all the information of the XNX Transmitter Wiring Diagram, you need to download Pdf form and you will be able to grab all the relevant information for the same.


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