Amazon Quiz Answers 2020 – Solve Quiz & Win Big Price

Amazon Quiz Answers 2020

Amazon Quiz Answers 2020

Q1 –What is the source of income of an 8-year-old Ryan Kaji who earned around $26 million in 2019?

Ans-Assessing toys on YouTube

Q2-The movie ‘The Namesake’ of 2006 starring Tabu and Irfan Khan is centered on a novel of the same name. Who is the author of that novel?

Ans- Jhumpa Lahiri

Q3 – Denise Coates- UK’s richest woman is the co-CEO of which organization? (Clue: It is a safe bet that her wealth will keep rising every year!)

Ans- Bet 365

Q4 – Sunny, who has acted in movies like ‘Gold’ and the upcoming movie ‘Bhangra Paa Le’ is the brother of which Bollywood star?

Ans: Vicky Kaushal

Q5 -December 23rd is declared as Kisan Diwas every year on the occasion of which former Indian Prime Minister’s birthday?

Ans- Chaudhary Charan Singh

Amazon Oppo A9 2020 Quiz Answers

Q1- In January, how many days are there?

Ans- 1

Q2- OPPO A9 2020 is not available in which color variant?

Ans- Caramel cola

Q2- (Fill in the blank) OPPO A9 2020 Vanilla mint edition has __ MP rear camera.

Ans- 48MP

Q3- What is the battery power of OPPO A9 2020 Vanilla Mint Edition?

Ans- 5000 mAh

Q4- What types of special charging does OPPO A9 2020 Vanilla Mint Editon have?

Ans- Reverse charging

Q5- Which is not a feature of OPPO A9 2020 Vanilla Mint Edition?

Ans- Bullet-proof

Amazon Havells Quiz Answers

Q1- Which Indian actor is currently the brand ambassador for Havells’ men’s grooming range?

Ans- Vicky Kaushal

Q2- According to the video, what can be peculiar?

Ans- Job Interview

Q3- In the video, how many discrete variants of the Havells’ trimmer are given away?

Ans- 2 variants

Q4- Which of the below is not exposed as a feature of Havells’ trimmer in the video?

Ans- Weighs 10 kilograms

Q5- Also given away in the video, what is the currently the limited period offer on the new Havells’ trimmer?

Ans- Flat 25% off

Amazon Karigar Quiz Answers

Q1- _______ is a program run by Amazon to give importance to India’s rich handicrafts heritage. It features over 50,000+ products, including unique Art & Crafts from 20 states in India to enable weavers and artisans to showcase ‘Made in India’ products to customers.

Ans- Karigar

Q2- The logo of Amazon Karigar, with lines coming together to display India’s diverse and rich culture, resembles?

Ans- Thumbprint

Q3- National Handloom Day, on the eve of which, Amazon Karigar was launched, falls on the seventh day of which month?

Ans- August

Q4- The name of which dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, well-known in South India, is derived from a Malay word meaning to ‘tie’?

Ans- Ikat

Q5- Which of these iconic handloom styles or products is also the name of a song composed by Amit Trivedi for the movie ‘Fitoor’?

Ans- Pashmina


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