Azure vs Amazon Web Services


The fastest growing cloud in the world is Azure, whose services allow for rapid deployment and management of IT solutions.

In addition, the Microsoft Azure Cloud is a platform that offers a wide range of solutions. It allows you to create servers, data storage, install applications, etc. Amazon Web Services, is also a cloud service provider, widely known in the world.

Deciding which cloud provider to use for your business or organization can be a difficult decision, so it’s worth considering the pros and cons of each option.

Azure – some facts about the Microsoft cloud

The Azure cloud platform is over 200 cloud products and services. They are the ones that facilitate the creation of new solutions. Scaling, security, and flexibility are key features of Azure to reduce infrastructure costs.

Despite the fact that Microsoft is used by corporations, smaller companies are becoming more and more convinced by it.

The fact is that there is no fee for registering on the platform, you only pay for the consumption of resources (pay-per-use). The cloud provides support for many programming languages – C#, Java, etc.

Some facts about Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has become a multi-industry corporation and its owner one of the richest people in the world. Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest cloud computing provider.

AWS offers more services and applications than the Azure platform, allowing the user to really customize the environment.

Amazon Web Services is the company that was long best known as an online bookstore. Their services include. computing power, storage, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality.

Which one is better – Azure vs AWS?

The cloud is a huge technological breakthrough. Implementing a cloud strategy is no longer just a novelty, but a priority for companies that are focused on growth.

Cloud spending will account for nearly a quarter of all IT budgets. With such an expensive service that requires so much effort to implement, organizations naturally feel pressure before making the right choice of cloud provider for their teams.

Organizations around the world recognize that the Microsoft Azure platform offers a more trusted cloud for enterprise and hybrid infrastructure than Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Azure platform is more open to hybrid cloud environments. You can interfere with and manage your environments from any location.

On the other hand, Amazon Web Services stands out from its competitors with its database processing and storage services. According to data, in 2015, AWS undertook, among other things. artificial intelligence training services. AWS has been offering cloud services for a long time and has a better analytics and Big Data solution.

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon aws – who won?

More advantages were gathered by Microsoft Azure. It is suitable for hybrid cloud environments, has excellent tools to facilitate a seamless cloud migration, and is often the most cost-effective cloud computing choice. Take the next step and let yourself find the best path to digital transformation.


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