Gov. Gavin Newsom defends his actions on new California vaccine laws

Gov. Gavin Newsom defends his actions on new California vaccine laws

The governor of California has defended his actions on the enactment of the vaccine law on Monday, which included demanding extra changes to the legislation after agreeing to sign on. Governor Gavin Newsom has said that he felt the need to clarify some additional points to ease implementation.

He said that he was proud of having heard the voice of his administration from both sides, and then having decided to support the bill.

Senate Bill 276 will create an oversight exemption to vaccines which are issued by doctors so that those given for non-medical reasons can be curbed. The changes suggested have pushed the timeline back for the state to being scrutinizing exemptions made on medical grounds.

Newsom was frustrated at the press for their line of questioning at the first conference in over two weeks. He said that his changes were novel and he did not believe that he deserved the criticism for his intentions. The governor was in conflict when his thoughts on the vaccinations seemed to vary. Along with Senator Richard Pan of Sacramento, the author of the bill, helped the governor limit the cases where a medical exemption would be looked into by the government. Thereafter, he changed his stance and agreed to sign it into law.

Some technical concerns rose in his office, though, and these resulted in the new changes. This bill was called the SB 714 which was signed on the 9th of September.

After his two weeks of silence, tensions rose, with one woman in the visitor’s gallery doused the senators in red liquid that appeared to be blood, to push her anti vaxx campaign.

The woman was arrested on charges of vandalism and assault. She said that this action was for the dead babies. She had apparently thrown a menstrual cup full of blood.

Critics of vaccinations continue to attempt to disrupt the legislative sessions since the bills have been signed.

The bills essentially lay the responsibility and authority in the hands of public health officials to reject any medical exemptions that may be sought by children before they begin school. The Governor and his wife have repeatedly been begged by anti-vaxx supporters to kill the two bills before they take effect. At one point, the opposing protestors were called to the Governor’s office for a meeting with top staff. No questions regarding this meeting were taken by the Governor or his staff and Newsom asked to be allowed to have his own opinion on the subject.


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