How to Wear Face Mask Properly Blue White: Prevents the Spread of Disease


Face masks are means used for the prevention of the spread of disease. These face masks are also called dental, laser, isolation, procedure, medical, or surgical masks.

These masks are loose-fitting masks used to cover the nose and mouth. It has ear loops or bands or ties at the back of the head. These are available in different brands and different colors.

These face masks prevent diseases when someone coughs, talks, or sneezes. If the mask is not worn, the tiny drops released while sneezing into the air can infect others.

Healthcare background sets certain rules for when people should wear blue-white face masks.

How to Put on a Face Mask Properly Blue White

The face masks are disposable. Once used masks should be thrown in the bin. It is important to replace or remove the blue-white face masks when they become moist. The instructions are printed on the product that is how the face masks must be put on properly.

Please follow the below direction to know how to wear face masks properly to limit the spread of diseases:

Firstly, before touching the blue-white face mask, clean your hands with soap or hand sanitizer.

Secondly, take out the mask from the box and make sure the product is not damaged.

Thirdly, which side of the mask should be at the top? The stiff bendable edge side of the mask is the top.

It is used to mold to the shape of your nose.

Fourthly, decide which side of the mask is the frontage. The colored side is normally the front. It should face away from you. The white side contacts your face.

Go by the Directives below for the Type of Mask You are Using

Face Mask along with Earloops: Grasp the mask by the ear loops. Put a loop around each ear.

Face Mask along with Ties: Take the mask to your nose level and put the ties over the crown of your head and lock with a bow.

Face Mask along with Bands: Grasp the mask in your hand with the nosepiece or top of the mask at fingertips, letting the headbands to fall freely beneath hands. Take the mask to your nose level and pull the top strap above your head so that it lies over the crown of your head. Drag the bottom strap above your head so that it lies at the nape of your neck.

Mold the firm side to the shape of your nose.


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