If I Feed Crow Daily before Meal Will It Brings Good Luck: Superstition or Common Ritual

Have you ever thought of feeding crows daily before taking your meal? It is commonly believed and advised by the seniors at the home that our ancestors who have died do visit us in the form of crows. It is told that these crows want to have the foodstuff offered by us.

For that reason, during Shraadh days, Hindus have the custom to feed the crows with cooked rice. It is believed by many and some do not consider a saying.

It is believed as a strong feeling that crows do not come as it is and wait for the food to be served. It is seen many times that if crows do not get food offerings in time, they call us from the rooftop of the house or tree to remind us.

Like other birds, a crow is also a bird. There are lots of crows in our country. They like home food. It is a general belief that our ancestors come to our home in the form of crow to take the food. But for some, it is just a superstition.

Indians do not call the crow and give food regularly. Crows are called only during significant festive occasions. The logical reason is to examine the food preparation to ensure that the food is harmless for consumption. If no problem happens to the crow, the food is judged harmless to consume.

Usually, extra or leftover food is offered to the birds instead of throwing it in the dustbin. Therefore, the custom of offering foodstuff to crows or other birds and animals is a good practice.

It is observable even today in a village that our grandfathers and many people offer a chapatti to a street dog before putting it in their mouths. Offering food to birds and animals is the best practice by people. But everyone normally has separate reasons for doing so.

Some may be following the old practice; others feel that feeding a dog first means we are really respecting his faithfulness towards us and some other people may do so to examine the food for their wellbeing. The same thing is valid for crows.

In reality, it is considered that crows would stay on this planet even when humankind would be near to their destruction. Crows can eat on anything from home-cooked food to uncooked flesh.


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