Jerry Raffa Net Worth – Passed Away At The Age Of 63

Jerry Raffa Net Worth

Jerry Raffa Net Worth Passed Away At The Age Of 63 – Jerry Raffa is known as Gerald Paul who died at the age of 63, who was one of the people into Sea Isle City and Saint James City.

While he was in Florida living his life with family and friends and unfortunately passed away on September 22, 2019.

He was born on April 15, 1956, and while living his life he was a sudden demise. There are many of them who live life but has to be away from their dear one. Jerry Raffa Net Worth

What was the problem that made him died? He was suffering from any problem? There are many questions that people might have been stated.

His Family And Life In Florida

Jerry Raffa Net Worth – He was staying with his wife named Janet and children’s Jeralyn Raffa, Jennifer Fox. He was one of the people who has been studied well and has been graduated with a degree.

The college where he has been graduated is Villanova College. He was involved in real estate service where he was suggesting people about the property and what a person needs to take off.

Regarding home and services is one of the main aspects that people look for so taking the service of the home is one of the major concerns.

Real estate service providers help people to choose their dream house and the inside stories and withing affordable cost.

Owner Of  Oceans 12 Realty

Jerry Raffa Net Worth – He was the prime member of the Oceans 12 Realty and the Awesome Joe racing. He was also a member of the JF Builder mainly as the CFO.

While into the major commercial services, he has been into the chef (serving with food) to the family members and family.

While serving the food being the major chef.

He has been into multiple roles. He was so genuine and charming that he has been into the hearts of people.

What made him remind people is of helping nature and to be polite. He always tried to make people to be involved in fun activities.

It was very deep to announce for the death obituary and passed away at the age of 63. People are leaving a message in the memory of his life that has been gone.

When someone dies then there are always that make hit people and family members. So people always love the person and so as with Jeff.

His Passionate Journey

He was very passionate about his family, friends, and cooking so that has been made. He always thought and did whatever makes the other happy.

Now he has been reminded of at the age of 63 with full heart and love.


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