Popular Website for Free Homework Help in the U.S Popular Website for Free Homework Help in the U.S Popular Website for Free Homework Help in the U.S

Litanswers is the prevalent website offering free homework solutions in the United States. Another website that is famous like Litanswers is the Textsheet. Both of these sites are popular among the students. website offered solutions for various subjects like chemistry, maths, science and more subjects.

Textsheet serve as the best resource for students to study. But recently, this website is no longer available. So, students got an alternative site named the Litanswers are shut down too. Thus, students are expressing their distress via the Reddit.

Textsheet was one of the top-rated online educational websites. This website was used by the users to find solutions for their academic questions.

Mainly homework based questions were asked by the users on the Textsheet platform. This site also offered Chegg’s online practical papers.

Chegg’s API based solutions were offered by the Textsheet. Hence, this website got banned from the internet.

The reason for the ban is the copyright issues as Chegg claimed. The Textsheet was closed down owing to the DMCA copyright violation.

The shutting down of the Textsheet site was adverse news for the students. The users cannot access this website.

So, the students started using site for free homework solutions but this site is shut down. Students are using the Reddit community to discuss their problems because of the closing down of these two websites.

So, all those users or students finding alternative sites to have solutions for their subjects’ problems can make use of free and paid sites.

The users can make use of Slader site which is the best alternative for Litanswers, Chegg, and Textsheet. Slader has been joined by millions of students to search for solutions for their homework.

This site provides free homework help and solutions. The students will get solutions for thousands of textbooks.

So, to get answers for the textbooks, the students have to scan the barcode of their textbooks or simply type the textbook’s title. After details are entered, the students will obtain answers that they required for their questions.

Slader is continually improving the quality of the content. This website is winning the trust of the students’ community.

The students will get answers for their assignments and homework without worries. The solutions are offered for students of all age groups. The best feature of this site is that there are fewer ads.

The students can obtain answers for ample of subjects. To get rid of the advertisements, they can get a paid subscription of $1.99.

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