Is Liv 52 DS Useful for Decreasing Acne and Pimple? – Helps in Improving Digestive System

Is Liv 52 DS Useful for Decreasing Acne and Pimple?

Is Liv 52 DS Useful for Decreasing Acne and Pimple?

Liv 52 DS Useful for Decreasing Acne and Pimple

Liv 52 DS is useful for decreasing acne and pimplp – The Himalaya Drug Company manufactures the Liv 52 DS tablet.
This medicine contains several active ingredients. The active ingredients include Terminalia Arjuna, Cichorium Intybus, Jhavuka, Kakamachi, Mandur Bhasma, Kasamarda, and Himsra.

This Tablet releases chemicals that help in improving the digestive system.

It acts on the digestive system in several other ways.

It works on antimicrobial activity, reduces cholesterol, reduces blood glucose levels, and regularizes the bowel movement of patients.

Liv.52 DS tablets help in the digestive system to function smoothly and can alleviate a variety of problems or symptoms:

It may be used for a variety of stomach sickness including constipation, digestive ailment, and loss of desire to eat, stomach troubles, or dyspepsia.

It is often used for preventing and treating the early cirrhosis and pre-cirrhotic forms, as well as alcoholic liver illness.

The tablet decreases harm caused to the patient’s liver from diseases such as a raised liver enzyme, jaundice, and Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. It may be used for other liver-related ailments like fatty liver linked to protein-energy undernourishment.

Liv 52 DS may also be used as an adjuvant or supplement to other drugs in curing a variety of sicknesses. This medicine can promote treating and easing side-effects in such cases.

It is used as an adjuvant for hepatotoxic medicines.

Such medicines are used in the treatment of tuberculosis, statin drugs, chemotherapeutic agents that are used for healing from cancer (specifically uterine cancer), and anti-retroviral.

It is also used as an adjuvant to hemodialysis. It is also used in some extended ailments including loss of hunger in pregnancy.

Liv 52 DS may be used for the supplemental treatment of various diseases like mild cold or asthma.

It may be used in curing malaria, gallstones, anorexia, gastroenteritis, sinus problems, dropsy, ulcers, dysentery or fever, cirrhosis, diuretic anemia, hemorrhoids, and bleeding sickness like menorrhagia and rectal bleeding.

Some Side Effects of Liv.52 DS Tablets

Liv. 52 DS Tablet may interact with other drugs, food items or drinks to produce some side-effects. These side effects vary from mild to extreme.

Some of the side effects associated with the consumption of this medicine are:

Soreness of the skin

Skin Redness

Tenderness of skin

If a patient sees such side-effects other than the ones discussed above, it must be reported to the doctor without any delay.


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