Nothing to Give but My Heart Chapter 885 – 886 – Free online

Nothing to Give but My Heart Read Chapter 885 – 886 of the novel Nothing to Give but My Heart free online.

Nothing to Give but My Heart Read Chapter 885 – 886 of the novel Nothing to Give but My Heart free online.

Chapter 885

Duanmuxue only felt that his strength was very strong today, and her arm was about to be crushed. She wanted to cry out for pain, but when she looked up, she saw Duanmuze’s dark eyes, as if a dark cloud covered it.

All of a sudden, she was too scared to speak.

Let Duanmuxue take her arm and walk out, she was behind Duanmuze with bare heels without shoes.

Duan Muze didn’t look back, but the air pressure on his body was always covering Duan Muxue. She felt that she was almost unable to breathe. It was the first time her brother had seen this emotion in her impression.

After getting in the car, Duan Muze coldly ordered her to wear a seat belt. Duan Muxue did not dare to resist, so she did.

All the way forward with low air pressure, Duanmuxue became frightened afterwards and was reluctant to get out of the car until she got home and was about to get off the car.

She did something like that, Duan Muze might not do anything to her, but what about Grandpa?

Grandpa will not let her go.

Duanmuxue refused to unfasten the seat belt and stayed in the car forever.

Duan Muze said with a cold face, displeased: “You have already arrived home. You can’t have time even if you regret it now. Do you get out of the car yourself, or should I find someone to get you out of the car?”

The latter sentence has no emotion at all.

It seems that as long as Duanmuxue does not agree, Duanmuze will immediately find someone to get her out of the car.

“Give you ten seconds.”

Before she could say anything, Duan Muze had already issued an ultimatum.

Reluctantly, Duan Muxue got out of the car under his compelling sight, and then walked inside with him, but couldn’t help crying as she walked: “Brother, I know it’s wrong. Would you please plead with Grandpa for me?” it is good?”

However, the expression on Duan Muze’s face was only deserted, as if the person begging him in front of him was not his sister at all.

“Brother, you loved me the most before. I really know that I was wrong. Just help me once, just once.” Duan Muxue was really scared when she saw that he was unmoved.

“Although I had made mistakes in the past, Duan Muze would only blacken his face every time, or seriously reason with her to prevent her from doing what she should do.

But unlike now, she cried like this and begged him, but he didn’t change his face and said nothing.

The brother who loves her so much on weekdays is like this, not to mention his stern grandfather.

Duanmu Xue’s legs softened, and the whole person really did not dare to go forward.

Who knows that Duan Muze said coldly: “If you linger, I won’t care about you anymore.”

Hearing that, Duanmuze raised his head quickly: “Brother?”

Does he mean to take care of her again?

Duanmuxue did not dare to delay, even though her legs were weak, she quickly got up from the ground and followed Duanmuze’s steps.

She doesn’t know how long she walked, and finally saw the hall.

In the hall, Duanmu Aotian sat on the sofa and smoked muffled cigarettes, and the servant next to him stood very well, not daring to take a breath. From this, one could see the depression on the scene.

Seeing this scene, Duanmuxue almost collapsed.

But then she saw the tall figure in front of me again. It was okay, Duan Muxue thought, her brother still loves her.

After a while, her brother will definitely help her, Duan Muxue is firm in her heart.

Entering the hall, Duanmuxue felt dark clouds cover it.

After a long while, she lowered her head and whispered: “Master…Grandpa, Xiaoxue returns…Ah!”

However, she hadn’t finished her words. Duanmu Aotian, who was still sitting on the sofa without moving, stood up. Without seeing how he moved, his hand was directly slammed onto Duanmu Xue’s white face.


This sudden slap made a loud sound in the quiet hall. Listening to the dull strength of the sound, you can feel how heavy Duanmu Aotian’s slap was.

Duanmuxue was knocked to the ground, and the servants present were shocked, but they were so scared that they did not dare to make a sound.

It was Duan Muze, who stood there motionless, his drooping eyes covered those beautiful slightly raised eyes, and his dark eyes were dull and unclear.

“Do you dare to call me grandfather? My Duanmu family does not have a shameless granddaughter like yours. You immediately pack up your things and get out of Duanmu family.”

That slap really slapped Duan Muxue, she didn’t get back for a long while, she only knew that the ear that was hit was buzzing, like the sound of something being pierced.

Immediately afterwards, a bloody smell came from her mouth, and blood filled the corners of her lips.

It wasn’t until Duanmu Aotian asked her to get out of Duanmu’s house that Duanmuxue came back to her senses. She wanted to stretch her hand to cover her face, but she almost cried out because of the pain when her fingers touched her.

Tears fell all of a sudden, Duanmuxue raised her head and looked at Duanmu Aotian in tears.

That slap obviously didn’t let Duanmu Aotian calm down, but the anger in his heart burned more and more vigorously.

He pointed to Duanmuxue’s nose and cursed.

“As a child of the Duanmu family, you can even do this kind of deeds. If you don’t know it, you think I taught you Duanmu Aotian! My reputation of Duanmu Aotian I was ruined on you! “

Duanmuxue finally couldn’t help crying, “Grandpa, I really know I was wrong, please forgive me.”

“Know?” Duanmu Aotian sneered: “What was the situation when I went back to the hotel for dinner? People refused this marriage in front of you. From then on, you should have cut your mind, but you didn’t expect you He didn’t die, but learned the tricks of those outsiders who did these tricks!”

Speaking of this matter, Duanmu Aotian is really very hot.

Since the last time, Yu Chishen said to his face that he would not be engaged to Duanmuxue and specifically rejected the marriage, Duanmu Aotian’s heart has been filled with fire.

His granddaughter in Duanmu Aotian is good in everything, and the family is also selected from a thousand.

Was he still so picky? Why is his granddaughter unworthy of him?

Now, after Duanmuxue did this kind of thing, she realized that Duanmu Aotian realized why he didn’t care about his granddaughter.

“The more I think about it, the more angry I become and the more disappointed. His only granddaughter becomes like this, and he is also distressed. Duanmu Aotian’s eyes are red with anger: “Blame me, blame me. I didn’t manage well, so I let you do this. Blame me…”

“Grandpa.” Continue to cry whimperingly: “Grandpa, it’s all my fault, you forgive Xiaoxue this time, Xiaoxue will never dare to do it again next time.”

Duanmu Aotian looked at her with deadly gray eyes, “What use do you dare not? The old face of the Duanmu family is shameful for you. In the future…what face do I have to stand in front of Yuchijin? You’ll get out of here right away. When I leave the Duanmu family, I will be considered without your granddaughter in Duanmu Aotian.”

Duan Muxue saw that she really wanted to sever ties with him, and immediately got anxious, and went straight to hug his thigh: “No, grandpa don’t, Xiaoxue don’t go, this is Xiaoxue’s home, you are Xiaoxue’s grandfather, I Don’t want to go.”

Chapter 886

Nothing to Give but My Heart Read Chapter 885 – 886 of the novel Nothing to Give but My Heart free online.

She is the granddaughter raised by hIM, how could Duanmu Aotian not feel bad?

But when he thought of the things she did, Duanmu Aotian felt all his face swept away, and kicked her away with anger.

“Don’t call me grandpa, I don’t have a granddaughter like you, and this is not your home from today!”

Duanmuxue was kicked away, and she only felt a pain in her chest. She was too desperate. If she lost the asylum of Duanmu’s family, then she was just a simple woman, and she would have nothing in the future.

Unexpectedly, she fell to such a point with a difference of chess.

Yu Guang saw Duan Muze next to him, and Duan Muxue rushed towards him and hugged his thigh.

“Brother, brother, please help me beg grandpa, I’m brother’s sister Xiaoxue… We grew up together since we were young. My brother loves Xiaoxue the most. I really know I was wrong, and I will never dare Guilty.”

Duan Muze was holding her leg, and didn’t kick her away, just staring at her faintly.

Seeing her face was crying, her eyes were swollen, and the face that was hit by Duanmu Aotian just now was swollen, with blood still in the corner of her mouth.

It seemed that She was really embarrassed.

After staring at it for more than ten seconds, Duan Muze’s eyes finally flashed with unbearableness. He closed his eyes, and finally sighed, “Let go.”

Duanmuxue: “…Brother, brother?? Don’t you hurt Xiaoxue anymore?”

Duan Muze helplessly: “You let go first.”

Duanmuxue shook her head stubbornly, not only did not loosen but clasped his thighs tightly. This was her last hope. If she really loosened, then she might really be driven out of Duanmu’s house.

She was unwilling to let go, and Duanmuze had no choice but to turn his head and look at Duanmu Aotian.


Duanmu Aotian coldly snorted, full of hostility and authenticity: “Aze, if you intercede for her, you don’t need to say it. I have already decided that there is no such granddaughter!”

Duan Muze: “But Grandpa…”

“If you say one more thing, you will get out of Duanmu’s house with her. Duanmu Aotian will be without you two younger generations. You don’t need to see me again when I die!”

After finishing speaking, Duanmu Aotian turned straight and walked upstairs. The back of his departure could tell that he was very serious.

“Grandpa…” Duan Muxue called him heartbreakingly, but the old man never looked back at her.

Duanmuxue finally burst into tears after the person left.

Don’t know how long it took, Duan Muze’s voice sounded in the living room.

“Stop crying. Grandpa is getting angry. You won’t live at home for the time being.”

Hearing, Duan Muxue’s face flashed in astonishment, she looked up at him blankly: “Brother, grandpa really doesn’t want me anymore? What will I do in the future? Will you help Xiaoxue beg for mercy?”

“You saw it just now. Pleading at this time is tantamount to death.” Duan Muze said indifferently.

“So don’t you plead? Do I really want to leave Duanmu’s house?” Duanmuxue cried out in horror.

“How did I persuade you before? What’s the use of regret now?”

Duan Muze thought for a while, and finally called someone, “You go outside for a while. After a while, when grandpa calms down, I will intercede with him.”

Up to now, Duanmuxue can only agree.

Not going to the company for a few days, Stella ate and slept at home every day.

After Song An knew where she lived, she would often come to her every day, help her check her body, and breathe a sigh of relief after she was sure that the child in her stomach was stable.

And Stella also learned about Duanmuxue from Song An.

She heard that the people in Duanmu’s family had known about her drug administration, and she was taken back. Her grandfather directly threatened to sever relationship with her, and then drove Duanmuxue out of the house.

Then Duanmuxue was really kicked out of the house, but everyone knew it very well.

No matter how they are dears, they just behave when they are angry, and when the anger is gone, they will still do what they should do at that time.

No matter how Song An thought, she couldn’t swallow this breath.

“You said that a girl, how could he be so nasty? The courtship was not successful, and she actually used a treacherous trick. I can’t believe this is a girl taught by a big family.”

After thinking for a while, Song An clenched her fists: “I always felt that I should just clean up her at the time and tell her family what to do? In the end, I didn’t want to protect her.”

Seeing her angry look, Stella couldn’t help but chuckled, “Auntie, don’t be angry, Duanmu’s family has also lost face, otherwise it won’t be so angry, and it really drives people out of the house.”

Song An stared at her: “Are you not angry at all?”

Stella smiled and said, “Of course I am angry.”

Song An: “…Who would believe you, this face is full of smiles.”

Hearing that Stella lowered her head, her white palms gently stroked her lower abdomen, “It will be March soon, and I am a mother now. If I get angry about this kind of thing, it will affect the baby in my stomach too much. Up.”

She was really annoying before, and even wondered if Walter’s willpower was not strong enough and didn’t rush back, wouldn’t it be cheaper that Duan Muxue?

But then she thought about it, how could her Stella’s man be the kind of person who gets caught casually and then still gets stuck? She wants to believe him.

Since she is pregnant now, she can’t be angry forever, she has to adjust her mentality.

In short, Duan Muxue should be depressed for a long time after experiencing this setback. If she does anything at that time, she will directly take legal means until she is sent in.

Thinking of this, Stella said: “Can the evidence of her medication this time be collected and kept?”

Song An was stunned for a moment, and then he understood what she meant, and nodded: “Of course it can, but I guess Walter also thought of what you can think of. That day, I thought this kid must be in the mist because of the medicine. Who knew him? Everything has been arranged.”

After finishing speaking, Song An sighed: “You sure don’t need to be angry. The method of a woman like this is not worthy of your attention. It’s just the matter between you and Walter…” She paused, and then asked: “He seems to be true. He thought of me as your aunt, and he couldn’t remember at all. Did he ever see a doctor again? Regarding memory…”

“I haven’t said this, nor is it clear.”

“Then what did you plan to do? Just keep spending it with him?” Song An asked again.

When asked by her, Stella became silent again, and she looked at her fingers entangled.

In fact, she didn’t have a particularly good way to take Walter to the hospital to check his memory directly? Or tell him directly that Song An is not her aunt, she is his aunt.

Sure enough, some things were kept secret for a long time, the harder it was to say them.

“Others will not understand your pain, they will only be hysterical and ask why you don’t say it?”


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