Umcced Student Portal: Get Latest Updates of the Umcced University

Umcced (University Malaya Centre for Continuing Education) was established in 1998. It is a Centre of Responsibility (CoR) of the University of Malaya (UM).

Umcced is the leading University in Kuala Lumpur. It aims to promote the notion of “Lifelong Education” by providing several learning programs such as Part-Time Diploma for working professionals.

Other programs that are provided by the Umcced include Full-Time Diploma, Professional Certificates and short-term courses to cater and meet the demands of several levels of the society.

Umcced Student Portal

To access the latest information or notices from Umcced, the students can make use of the Umcced Student Portal. Through this portal, the students can check their results, grades, assignments, college activities, etc. They can also submit their online application for any program they wish to pursue.

To use this portal, the students are required to enter the matrix number and a password.

The various programs offered by the Umcced are:

Executive Diploma: It is a career advancement program conducted over weekends for working professionals.

Diploma: These are the full-time programs for school leavers with SPM / O-Level credentials.

Bachelor’s Degree (Through One): It provides a special channel for admission of students into Bachelor’s Degree courses.

Islamic Studies: These courses are particularly designed for expertise and knowledge development in the related field of studies. The set of courses is developed and designed by specialized lecturers from the Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya and also qualified practitioners.

They stress academic and practical elements to cater to working professional’s needs to improve their acquaintance and proficiency in related fields. All courses are available on a part-time basis and classes take place on weekends.

Professional Certificate and Short Courses: This specialized training course produces desirable quality and highly-trained professionals.

Skills and Language Course: This course enhances language expertise in either Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Inggeris. It assists in enrollment into dieting Higher Education organizations or for job verification prerequisites in Malaysia.

Executive Diploma: The Executive Diploma programs are designed to augment the skillfulness and knowledge of the working group of people for their career progress.

The set of courses is designed by instructors from numerous faculties of the University of Malaya and working practitioners. This program focuses on academic and practical features to fulfill the requirements of working professionals to increase their understanding and abilities in their associated fields.

All courses are conducted on a part-time basis and classes take place on weekends.


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