when the yakuza falls in love chapter 22 – Chapter 22 – 21

when the yakuza falls in love

when the yakuza falls in love

when the yakuza falls in love chapter 22 – Hey, I know I’ve disappeared for months but I see you guys’ little comments and interactions with my stories and it inspired me today. Please post comments and reviews, I work for free so this is kind of my only satisfaction. Sorry for the typos if you find some, I just posted it after writing it. I’ll be correcting it soon probably. Thank you so much 🙂


“Being with Reo felt surreal. I knew it was wrong, I knew he was so bad for me. And yet… I couldn’t let go… I was addicted to this passion drug… and you could say… I already knew, it would be my perdition.”

“Kanna! God damnit! What the f.u.c.k happened?”

“Apologies Oyabun… there were 3 cars… one shot the driver and-

“How can you not notice 3 cars following you?! You know damn well they wanted her! You should’ve done your job!”

“Apologies… I-

Slowly drifting awake from a numb sleep, Kanna opened her eyes. Analyzing her surroundings, she could hear angry voices not to far from her. Taking in the scene, she could tell she was in a room, fluids attached to her wrist and the regular noise of a machine. Turning her face the other side, she could see herself through a glass window facing her. In a plain hospital dress, she begin picturing the last memories she could. The accident, the driver dead, the hysteric screams of the bodyguard trying to wake her up…

The sun was up, so she couldn’t have slept that long.

“You guys are just a bunch of incompetents! Be damn sure you will be losing fingers over this! Get out of my sight!”

“Yes Boss!”

The next second, she could hear footsteps approaching, and then Reo was facing her. He was running angry fingers through his thick hair. His jaw was hard, and the second they locked eyes, his eyes lit a tiny bit.

“How do you feel?” He asked as he rushed by her side, hand on the side of her hospital bed. Apparently avoiding touching her.

She rested her hands and feet before replying with a soft smile.

“I can feel both my legs and hands fine… I just feel a little sore in the back and the neck… but overall I’m okay… I guess…”

“You’ve been sleeping for just 4 hours… I’m glad you’re okay…” he stopped and looked away for a minute before continuing.

“I can’t believe I let this happen…”

She tried to get in a sitting position but immediately abandoned from the insane soreness in her back.

“Stay down…” he ordered, a hand on her arm.

“I don’t want you blaming yourself in anyway Reo. I’m here and I’m okay…”

He looked at her silent, before looking away.

“It wasn’t an accident Kanna… I know we both want each other but… I need you to understand. This type of stuff is probably going to happen frequently with me…”

“I know…” she whispered in a small voice, looking away.


“Reo stop… we’ve barely tried to make it work… if you send me back there’s no going back. I won’t come back to you. So you might as well stop right there.”

He turned around, his face flashing anger.

“I don’t want that! But it’s just been a few seconds in and you’re in a hospital bed Kanna! I know my world and it’s rules… I have so many on my back I can’t count. Having a hit on me is placing you in first as potential victim… I don’t want that..”

She nodded slowly while he stopped in front of her. Running a hand on her cheek he looked like he was fighting so many demons in thy moment. Confliction between what was best for them both and why he wanted… and she could tell the choice was hard… but she wouldn’t let him ponder on it too much. She wanted him just as much.

Dragging one hand on his arm, she pulled him even closer before staring at his lips in hunger.

He whimpered.

“Don’t Kanna.”

She shook her head in anger.

“I’m not letting you do it…” she hissed before taking his tie and dragging him closer to her face before taking his lips. Immediately he took her face in his hands and kissed her back. Opening up, she let him take her tongue and bite her lips in hunger before falling back in a groan.

His hands in his hair he walked to the windows. He was tense. She could tell all of it was eating him up.

“I can’t have weaknesses.” He simply said, taking a cigarette from his box.

“Nobody has to know…” she whispered, before slowly sitting up and walking up to him.

When she reach him she put her hands on his back.

“Nobody has to know I’m yours Reo… we could just be only us… I’d be your secret haven…” she continued in a whisper, while running her hands in his hair now. On her tiptoes, her nose in his neck.

“I would only be yours… four walls, nobody could reach me but you… nobody could hurt me… But. You.” She finished with a little bite on his neck and the next second he groaned and turned around to face her. Lifting her, legs on both his sides, he placed her against him and a wall and kissed her.

His hands in her hair, he pulled her closer and closer. Grinding his bump against her thighs and she whimpered in hunger.

“I want you…” she whispered, letting him in, licking her lips, tongue and biting again and again. She pulled on the tie of his shirt and the next second it was on the floor. Hands on her ass, he continued grinding while sucking on her neck.

“…you’re so sweet… so sweet…”

Under her hospital bed she knew she was n.a.k.e.d, and when he discovered her n.a.k.e.dness, he groaned louder. While discarding his shirt he carried her to a table in a corner. Spread her there before working his pants. She rose to kiss him and the next second his tip was sliding up and down her entrance.

“If I was decent… I would let you go…” he said before she took his lips. She kissed him hard and hungry.

“I don’t want decent…” and right then he entered her fully. A loud m.o.a.n escaped her and she bit his shoulder to contain her sounds. He was so thick and took her hard and hungry everytime.

“Reo…” she sighed, he took her mouth again while lifting her leg and changing angles, hitting the perfect sport that made her m.o.a.n in satisfaction louder everytime.

He played with her full left b.r.e.a.s.t before bending down and licking and biting it. Eyes on her, he looked so good… so s.e.xy… from the small bids of sweat rolling downing his face to his pervy smirk while doing her harder and harder. She enjoyed every part of this man.

He brought there faces together before sliding one hand down her belly to her clit. And massaging it while going deeper and deeper. She cried out in pleasure and kissed his face. Staring back, she could feel when his climax was coming and clench her p.u.s.s.y to maximize his. He bent down for a kiss before pumping a few more times and groaned at his release. Never stopping his movements on her clit, she felt her own release seconds later in an eye rolling wave of numbness.

He took her face in his hands and stared.

“I don’t think if I don’t let go now I will be able to later Kanna… run…” he said. And from the look in his eyes, she could tell he was all too serious.

But she too sadly was xaught up in all of this. And even if she went back to her old life. Nothing would be like before… she had already tasted the forbidden fruit…

“I can’t… pretending to live like I did after having a taste of this is-

“No, Reo… I can’t.”

He sighed almost like in relief and grabbed he face for a kiss.

“Then so be it.”

“There’s a woman that was promised to you already Reo.”

“She is dead grandmother. I’m not happy about that fact but it is what it is.” Reo hissed glaring a this grandmother sitting behind her huge dark desk.

She was staring back with that fake smile he had always hated. That woman was so calculative… she could manipulate anything into her own advantage… that was why she had managed to pull the strings of the clan for so long.

“Why are you here Reo… because I know for a fact you’re not here trying to convince me to accept an outsider as your woman.” She said in a giggle lifting her pipe with narrowed eyes.

“You tried to kill her.”

“I eliminate threats.”

“How is she a threat.”

“She’s a weakness to you. Look at you. If it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t be here defying me.” She finished in a low voice, sounding her threat clear.

“She’s not.”

She smiled but her eyes turned angry.

“Whatever boy. You can have any woman you want… we have so many women offering their services here… why an outsider? You’re the Oyabun! You have duties, you can’t walk around with a woman who probably flinches at the sight of blood!”


“How much does she know ?” She asked, focused on blowing the smoke from her cigarette pipe.

“Only what’s public information.”


“I know… if she gets in to deep… I know.”

She turned to him with a smile.

“Good, because be assured if we find any prof that this woman is a spy… I will kill her with my bare hands”


Standing in the dark corridor, Kanna admired him in silence. He was laying on the sofa, his eyes were closed but from the lit cigarette flashing in the darkness, she could tell he was awake.

He had been gone all week. She’s been back from the private clinic days ago, and ever since then his whole demeanor changed. He was always gone for so long and yet everytime they saw each other… it was like he was never gone.

Walking up to him, in her silky short night dress. She could tell the exact moment he noticed her, the temperature in the room rose, and s.e.x.u.a.l tension a magnet calling their two bodies awake.

Stopping right between his spread legs, she looked down at him. From the small moon light, she could see his hungry eyes set on her. She knew this look all too well. He wanted her.

“I missed you.” She said, releasing a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. Bending down to place a hand on his cheek. He gripped her by the waist and pulled her down to him.

Their faces close, she could feel his minted breath on her lips. His hands spread lower and he started massaging her cheeks.

He smelled good. Like he always did, but this time she could smell something else… something she was scared to recognize.

She pulled back a little and noticed his shirt was a lighter color… but dark smerges were spread by droplets everywhere.

“You’re so beautiful…” he let out.

And suddenly, the blood, the shirt the smell. Nothing else mattered. Just him… him and this gorgeous body.

He pulled her further down and they linked lips. M.o.a.ning in desperate pleasure, she fell in a sitting position on his legs before dragging her hands from his shoulders to his long hair. Kissing back full force, she realized just how much she had missed him.

Ever since they had gotten together officially. Reo had just been everywhere. Paranoid by every and anything, he had done the most to make sure she was safe. Ever since that accident… He refused to give her the details, but she could tell from his sudden overprotectiveness that he knew someone was behind it. She was always indoors and yet, men surrounded her floor and the whole building. Yeah… definitely no one could tell she was a mafia protĂ©gĂ©e.

He hissed again and groaned like he was in pain. She stopped touching him, now curious. Taking a good look at him, his eyes adapted to the low light already, now she could make out his state. He was covered in blood. His blood. She rushed in a standing position before hurrying up and turning on a lamp.



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