Which Of The Following Is The Source Of New, Novel Alleles In A Population?

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Which Of The Following Is The Source Of New, Novel Alleles In A Population? – Science and education together have done a lot of experiments through which individuals were able to explore a lot about technology, the biological forms, and so on.

Allele frequency in a population that can be changed and this is because of fundamental forces of evolution.

The forces that can be talked about are natural selection, genetic drift, mutation, and gene flow.

The mutation is defined as a change that occurs in DNA sequence either due to the mistakes when the DNA is copied or either may be due to environmental factors like that of UV rays, cigarette smoke, etc.

As we read that over a lifetime our DNA can undergo changes or mutate.

And when we talk about Which Of The Following Is The Source Of New, Novel Alleles In A Population? Then the answer that can be put forward is the source of all genetic variation is mutation.

It is one of the important steps of evolution that help to create a new DNA sequence and that too for a particular gene while creating a new allele.

There is a process that one must have studied during their school as in science we get to know a lot about all the processes and that is recombinant, it helps to create a new DNA sequence for a specific gene.

When we come to the problem there can be like if we put a problem and it has been found over the web with optional answers.

  1. A) mutation
  2. B) crossing over in meiosis
  3. C) gene flow
  4. D) mitosis

So what does it to be meant for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?

There are no adjustments in quality frequencies starting with one age then onto the next.

Regular determination is occurring and choosing a specific phenotype in the populace.

Development is happening in the populace.

Allele frequencies in the populace are happening after some time.

The answer can explore over web so that you can proceed with all your further studies.

While we were in school and then proceed towards college there are certain topics that keep walking with us since they do upgrade themselves and come up with something new each and every day.

As with science and technology, there has been continuously updating in terms of new things while experimenting day and night.

So all things can be cleared also if you keep updating yourself in terms of technology.

New allele immigrants to population, if some organism joins a population then they may bring a new allele and in other words, we can say is they add genetic diversity.

During immigration, the organism can walk or move into different populations.

There has a lot of theory and phenomenon that is behind the allele and can only be known if you study deep into it.

So now you can easily find out the answer and also take further study to know how things can be more taken or solved.

By studying various things and exploring science you can take all the information and also keep up things updated.

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