Who Wrote The Classic Novel Dracul – By Abraham Stoker

Who Wrote The Classic Novel Dracul – Have you ever invested your time in reading? Well, there can be a ratio of 50-50 percent that says yes and no as well.

It depends upon person to person and also about one’s habit. There are many aspects that reading can give people, as it is considered one of the best and advantageous activities in grabbing knowledge.

At present, there are many individuals that are looking to invest their time in reading.

With such a thought there are many books and novels that have been come up and with great thoughts, initiative, and ideas.

One such novel we will be talking about is Who Wrote The Classic Novel Dracul that is being written by Abraham Stoker.

Who Was Abraham Stoker?

He was one of the Irish writers who is known to be the writer of the horror story that we will be talking about is The Classic Novel Dracul.

He was the one who step towards horror story writing and wrote the book. As there are many people who love to read and watch horror stories and this is what meant for those people.

Now if you are the one looking for the same then, The Classic Novel Dracul is one of those.

It was published in the year 1897.

There are different characters who all are playing to make the story to be appealing and to portray what it has been intended to.

In this john, Harker meets the count Dracula to make the final settlement of one property. When they reach the destination they become terrified as there is something horror.

This made them amazed. Now Harker meets Dracula who seems to be giant, pale, and haunts.

No wonder anyone will face terror when they will see such a giant ghost.

After so many researched and investigation the one thing that has been found by Harker is that Dracula is a prisoner.

Later in the story, Harker seems to be encountered by three vampires from which he was recused by Dracula. And now it was pretty sure that Dracula is himself a vampire.

Story Between Dracula And Harker

Since Harker seems to be curious to know about Dracula and what has made him be in this condition. As there are cases that take place with everyone so what was the reason that took with Dracula.

Harker was pretty concerned to find out things. This story will stick the reader to make them read from start to finish.

There will be some sort of strange, some thrill, and no doubt terror will happen so be aware to take all things at the same time.

Abraham Stoker with his experience has tried every possible way to present the stories that can blow the reader’s mind.

At this point, you must be thinking to read this book? If yes then you can take it online or also there are options from few sites to read them online.

You can choose any of the options. There has been the ease with the internet and one can take so.


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