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ÿàÿéÿßÿñÿ© ÿæÿßÿμÿ© ÿñÿ®ÿäÿπ ÿàÿ≥ÿäÿßÿçÿ© ÿ≥ÿäÿßÿ±ÿ© pdf

ÿàÿéÿßÿñÿ© ÿæÿßÿμÿ© ÿñÿ®ÿäÿπ ÿàÿ≥ÿäÿßÿçÿ© ÿ≥ÿäÿßÿ±ÿ© pdf – ÿßÿüÿ∑ÿñÿçÿå ÿßÿñÿ¨ÿöÿπÿ © ÿå ÿ®ÿöÿäÿüÿ © ÿ ÿÿ≥ÿ∑ÿÿ≥ÿ∑ÿ®ÿàÿñÿñ ÿßÿñÿ ™ ÿ ± ÿéÿäÿ © ÿå ÿöÿπÿ ± ÿ∂ ÿ∂ ÿ∂ £ ÿñÿÿñÿü ÿßÿñÿçÿget ŸÖÿ±ÿ≥ŸàŸÖÿ© ÿ®ÿ£ŸÜÿßŸÖŸÑ ŸÅŸÜÿߟÜÿßÿ™ ŸÖŸÇÿØÿ≥Ÿäÿßÿ™. Ÿàÿ£ŸÅÿßÿØÿ™ ÿ£ŸÜ ÿߟџÖÿπÿ±ÿ∂ ŸäŸ Üÿ∏ŸÖ ÿ®ŸÖÿ®ÿßÿØÿ±ÿ© ŸÖŸÜ ÿ¨ŸÖÿπŸäÿ© “ŸàŸÇÿ™ ÿߟџÇÿ±ÿßÿ°ÿ©” ÿߟÑÿ™ “ÿ®ÿ±ÿ¨ ÿߟџџǟџǔ ÿßŸÑ ŸÖŸÇÿØÿ≥Ÿäÿ©ÿå ŸàŸäÿ≥ÿ™ÿ∂ŸäŸÅŸá ŸàŸÇŸÅ ÿ©” (ÿ™ÿ ±ŸÉŸäÿ©). (Ai≈üe H√ºmeyra Bulovalƒ± – ŸàŸÉÿߟÑÿ© ÿߟÑÿ£ŸÜÿßÿ∂ŸàŸÑ)

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Moroccans abandoned the stock market and real estate in order to invest in them, and artists are the weakest link.

The trade in works of art, especially paintings, has witnessed a significant revival for years, due to the great demand for this type of work, whether by individuals or private and public institutions as well.

At a time when the art trade was limited to a small group of Moroccans, the situation changed, and it began to attract the saliva of the middle class as well, and encouraged them to invest in it. For many, it became the hen that lays golden eggs.

Among the reasons behind the recovery of the art paintings market was the emergence of new players in the art market in Morocco, including some important figures, who gave a new impetus to the sector, and served as the locomotive that gave the market a new breath, and also a means for laundering money of questionable origin.

Those interested also consider that one of the reasons for the boom that the art painting market has witnessed in Morocco is that this market has turned into a profitable field of investment for many, through the acquisition of paintings by well-known names and reselling them after their value has doubled, noting that public auctions played a major role in this transformation, from During the continuous rise in prices. 

The profits that can be made thanks to the trade in art paintings have prompted many Moroccans to emigrate to the stock market and the real estate field, to invest in this new/old market, and to achieve large profits, noting that some Moroccans acquire some paintings to encourage the artist, and others enter into competition by acquiring them.

Paintings by a number of names, and there are also those who acquire paintings for purely commercial considerations, noting that some are keen on the matter because they have an artistic culture, but they represent a very small group.

In this regard, Fatna Shaanan, a visual artist, said that the artist’s name and the number of his participation in well-known international exhibitions are two basic and decisive factors in determining the price of the painting, but, in many cases, other factors can interfere and determine the price of the painting, far from all of that.

Shaanan explained in an interview with “Al-Sabah” that collectors of art paintings can raise or lower the value of the painting, which confirms that investors in this type of investment control the price of the painting.

According to what the same speaker confirmed, the visual artist is the weakest link, especially since those involved control the art trade and tighten its grip, which also explains the fact that some artists were not able to cross the poverty threshold, even though their paintings are sold for millions of cents.
Iman Radif.

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