180 Cups Net Worth 2020 – The Real Party Cup

180 Cups Net Worth 2020

180 Cups Net Worth 2020

180 Cups Net Worth 2020 – The entrepreneur and the inventor behind the 180 cups is Solomon Fallas, the cup holds a dual function.

This disposable solo plastic is seen at key parties.

It has the capacity to hold 16 ounces of beer.

Solomon Fallas went to the shark tank to pitch the particular product that he has made to make awareness among people.

Also, he made a mistake while rejecting the first offer of Daymond John’s hard.

The settlement was between $300k for 25 percent.

The 180 cups have expanded all over including red flask with the version of 180 cup that holds 9oz. and 1.5 oz. that cost around $19.99. 180 Cups Net Worth 2020

The new red cup that been the requirement for every party and function and hence the organizer, the person is looking to grab these, since it may cost you some heavy amount but it can be worthwhile and you will not be regret after purchasing the same.

In this case, Solomon Fallas was looking for some help in terms of marketing so that the product could give a lasting impression.

When it comes to selling the 180 cups then Fallas asks for $300k for 25 percent. As stated above he also stated the whole story and also asked that who wants to join the company of the red glass.

Do you know he managed to sell over 5 million cups by generating the revenue of $385k in the sakes? well, such a huge revenue in case of party glass. 180 Cups Net Worth 2020

Most of his friends felt that he is crazy and so with this Daymond goes out along with Lori, since Cuban likes the idea behind the marketing that includes withing the college but most of them do not agree with the same.

Solomon hands out the cups and uncovers they cost equivalent to the standard red cup. Daymond quickly offers $300K for 20% and needs an answer right away.

Falls delays and Daymond takes steps to forget about the offer. Mr. Wonderful needs to know more. Imprint enjoys his promoting, however thinks the item is too specialized, he’s out. 180 Cups Net Worth 2020

JP DeJoria doesn’t feel the energy, and he’s out. Kevin goes out as well. Daymond chides him for not tolerating his offer.

Solomon desires Daymond to rethink, however, Daymond needs him to counter. Solomon says $300K for 23%, Daymond counters with 30% and they choose 25%.

It was hard for Fallas to make his product available over the market but he did not lose hope and manage to sell his product.

Daymond John rushed to renege on his unique offer, yet that didn’t prevent him from reemerging the field lastly whittling down the 180 Cup organization.

From that point forward, deals have kept on developing like the baffling scent in a fraternity house, and Soloman Falls is chuckling right to the bank.

So with such a long story, Fallas managed to make his product worth and now it is available in many stores along with Walmart.

So whenever you think of party your 180 cups are ready to use, it will shine over entire party so you would no longer be with that old glass that could dull your party and all this has been done on Shark Tank so a big thanks to them.

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