28 Movies in One Picture: Trending Online Tricky Movie Brainteaser Midst Lockdown – 28 Films in One Picture

28 Movies in One Picture

28 Movies in One Picture

28 Movies in One Picture – 28 Films in One Picture – A trending tricky brainteaser dares the Brits to find out the 28 films that are hidden in the image. Thus, accept the challenge to check out yourself to discover all those movies.

The people of the United Kingdom are experiencing what it feels like a non-stop lockdown. Similarly, various other nations are in lockdown. Thus, to keep the people midst of this lockdown, a tricky brainteaser has been created if you are sick of scrolling through Netflix.

A movie-based challenge is now trending over social media. This movie challenge asks people to try and find the movie titles that are concealed in a picture. The main picture presents Tom Hanks wearing clothes like the iconic Forrest Gump.

The image was shared with the Facebook group – Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains. Thus, it scored up hundreds of likes as people started trying to figure out the movie references in the iconic picture.

While posting the image, one movie fan said that there are 28 movies in one picture. The fan said that he has found all of them and can other people can find it too.

While some are rather clear, such as Forrest Gump, the Terminator, and Jumanji, others are finding it complicated to hit upon.

One person while commenting on the post asked that he is stuck on the necklace and items in his pocket. Hundreds of people replied on the picture trying to uncover the secret hints.

While agreeing upon a person who responded that he neither, it’s doing his head in, he cannot read the writing, but he recognizes it from somewhere.

A third person replied that he cannot comprehend the yellow box with a red logo in his pocket after to the Goonies medallion.

Among the various responses, some people asserted to have seen Star Wars, Dodgeball, The Addams Family, 101 Dalmatians and the Phantom of the Opera.

But if you’re baffled, we have summarized 27 movie answers below. Simply check how many did you located? Can you find the remaining one?

The 28 Movies List 

Terminator (eye)

Gremlins (under the bench)

Forrest Gump (Tom Hank’s main image)

Jumanji (board game)

Edward Scissor hands (background character)

ET (background top left)

Ghost Busters (ghost under bench)

Space Jam (sticker on the bench)

Back To The future (hoverboard bottom left)

Pulp Fiction (men behind board game)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (bottom right on the bench)

Jurassic Park (shaving can)

Wayne’s World (sticker on the bench)

Hook (right-hand side)

Harry and the Henderson (by the tree)

Home Alone (writing on the bench)

Predator (writing on the bench)

Indiana Jones (gold statue)

Batman (Wayne’s enterprise logo on chocolate box)

Short Circuit (robot on the edge of the screen)

Never Ending Story (necklace)

The Goonies (bronze medal in a jacket pocket)

The Last Action Hero (admit one on the bench)

Titanic (necklace around Edward Scissor hands)

Dumb and Dumber (men on a motorbike)

Mars Attack (top right corner)

Big Lebowski (jacket pocket)


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