After U.S. pressure, Afghanistan frees activists who exposed sex abuse


On Wednesday, Afghanistan released two civil activists who had been arrested after they exposed the alleged sexual abuse of hundreds of school children after the US and International human rights groups pressured them. It has been revealed that this pedophile ring involved the abuse of 546 boys from six schools in Logar, a province to the south of Kabul.

Mohammad Musa, a leading activist who had been investigating the case had been detained by the National Directorate of Security personnel with his colleague, Ehsanullah Hamidi last week. A senior official of the Afghan government who was overseeing this case said that both Musa and Hamidi had been released and handed over to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

On Tuesday, news had spread of the move that took them both to a safe location on account of threats to their lives. They were accused of making up allegations so as to seek asylum in another country.

In the NDS video that was released, Musa can be seen speaking about his incomplete study, and how it was a mistake. This “confession” has been rejected by the US ambassador John Bass, calling it a Soviet-style admission. He also tweeted against it, saying that coercing confessions from activists is appalling.

Amnesty International also had called for the immediate release of the two activists stating concerns over torture and abuse.

Samira Hamidi of Amnesty South Asia said that the government should not be punishing them, but rather praising them for their excellent work in speaking out against this horrific ordeal.

The President, Ashraf Ghani, has said that he is deeply disturbed by these reports and has asked the education ministry to investigate thoroughly and report back to him with their findings. Some of the victims have already been killed by their families and other assailants after they were identified as being sexual abuse victims.

Half the population in Afghanistan is below 15 years of age and is hit the hardest due to the war with the Taliban. 927 children have died in Afghanistan in just the last year. This is due to the use of child soldiers and mass molestation by the authorities. A large number has also died due to becoming suicide bombers for the Taliban.


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