Are They Give Child For Adoption At Any Age – Rules And Norms


Are They Give Child For Adoption At Any Age – What is the adoption age that is required for you to have a child? There are many people who look to adopt a baby.

The reasons could be many, most of them are not blessed with a child and they plan to adopt the one who is in need of help.

By taking care of any one of them, people all around the world are helping many of those who are left behind.

Child adoption is an increasing trend all over. Not having your own child can be the worst situation.

To fulfil the one people go for an adoption process.

To do this there is some requirement that needs to be done. Once you have done with all you can take the child to your home.

This way you will be able to cover your loneliness and also fill the life of anyone child with care around.

Eligibility Criteria For Child Adoption

Are They Give Child For Adoption At Any Age – Before heading towards the adoption process you should know or go with the detailed analysis.

The adoption process is being under the control of CARA which is called as Central Adoption Resource Authority.

The agency that helps to regulate the adoption process and with utmost care.

If you are in India then a child can be adopted by you, NRI or a foreign citizen.

No matter whether you are single or married you will have full rights to make a step.

In case the spouses are married and want to adopt a child then they should have completed 2 years of marriage.

This is where they are eligible to make the process happen.

Any child who is an orphan, abandoned or surrendered child, is eligible to be adopted.

There are many places where a child is left alone and various organisation take care of them.

With the help of the particular place and along with legal procedure you will be able to adopt a child.

When you are going to adopt a child he has to be legally free, the administration put up the legal notice.

The notice contains the photo and detail of the child so that there is no one to claim him/her.

When the process of the legal free child is done then you are able to adopt the children.

What Is The Process To Adopt A Child

To adopt a children’s, a parent has to be mentally and physically stable.

Along with this, they need to have financial stability as well.

You do not have to be associated with any life-threatening disease, as it can be trouble for you in the adoption process.

A single female falls into the adoption process where a single is not.

When you are a single parent then you have to be under 55 years of age to be involved in the process.

A couple does not have to at 110 years of combined age.

With all these, you have to go with the

Registration process

Counselling and study

Referral of the child is a necessity

Acceptance of the child

Signing of petition

Pre-adoption and foster

Court hearing and order

Follow up

With all these processes you will be able to take home a child. Along with this there is certain proof that needs to be submitted.

It is all about the documentation that you are in a need of.

An adoption application needs to be submitted.

Your photograph

Marriage certificate

Residential proof

Medical history and reports

Letter of reference from 3 people

By submitting all the necessary documentation you will be one step ahead towards the adoption process. this will help you to make your wish come true to take pleasure of a child.

Also, there are many of those people who are not in a state to have their own child and this is where helping hands are made.

CARA has made it a state where you could apply for the child to have them legally. This has been followed up not only in India but in other countries as well.

The only difference is the procedure ( to some extend) and rests you can make an attempt to do so.

If you have some medical problem and due to which you are unable to conceive then you have another step to adopt one small life.

Also, there are many children who need care, attention and love. Your one step towards them can make them live in this world freely.


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