Best Places for Doctorate of Education: Achieve Professional Flexibility and Security

Best Places for Doctorate of Education

An education degree can unlock the entrance to get employed and teach in educational institutes as well as to research how we are trained.

Stanford University and Harvard University take the top place in the ranking. The University of Oxford takes fourth place. The University of Hong Kong is a single university in Asia to be placed in the top 10, at number three. The University of Cambridge is placed at number 7. The remainder of the top 10 is controlled by U.S. universities.

U.S. universities are finely signified in the whole subject getting ranked for education, with 120 universities. A total of 198 universities are from Europe and 59 are from Asia.

Canada and Australia are also ranked, with 19 and 33 universities in that order.

Best 5 Universities for Doctorate of Education

Stanford University

The Stanford University Graduate School of Education has a high standing across the US. It is one of the best education schools in the country. The school offers seven master’s programs, 21 doctoral programs, and three joint programs.

Doctoral programs aim to encourage study in education, looking at the psychology behind how we are taught, and syllabus learning and instructor training.

The school of education is one of 7 schools at the university which includes business, law, engineering, humanities, and science.

Harvard University

Harvard University offers 13 distinct year-long master’s programs and several doctoral programs in education.

The master’s programs include numerous aspects of education. It includes arts and education, higher education, international education policy, and human development and education.

The teaching staff comprises a MacArthur Prize Fellowship and Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. The experts in many comprehensive aspects of education including bilingual education, adult learning, economy and education, and social services and schools are also included.

University of Hong Kong

The faculty of education at the University of Hong Kong offers teaching in Chinese language education and English language education. There is also a segment for maths and science education, speech and hearing sciences and information and technology studies.

There are seven research centers. It includes the center for educational leadership, the center for communication disorders, and the center for the advancement of Chinese language education and research.

University of Oxford

Research at the University of Oxford’s department of education is focused on three key themes: economy, policy, and society; language, cognition and development; and knowledge, pedagogy, and design. Within each of these areas, there are many research groups and centers.

In addition to research into education, the department also offers teachers training for primary and secondary teachers.

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley provides MA and Ph.D. programs across a wide range of topics in education like the impact of race, class, and gender, and how politics and strategy can affect education.

The university also offers courses that will train students for a career in teaching, from classroom instruction to district-level headship.


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