María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri Biografía – Case Associated With Rafael Orozco

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri Biografía

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri Biografía

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri Biografía – Cases links up or relationships, this is the most common thing that we come across about any individuals.

No matter where you are a celebrity or a normal person there is one or the other thing that always makes you associated with some of the other life events that happened across. María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri Biografía

One of the cases that have been into stories is of María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri

Who Is María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri whose real name is known as Martha Monica the woman for whom the singer known as Rafael Orozco has ended his life. she has been found to be in a relationship with him.

She has an affair and what happened that the singer would have ended up his life, this is happening across the world and is something sad that people are ending up their lives.

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri is a 24-year girl and it was earlier when she admitted her relationship with the singer.

The other name that came into the picture is of Nano Fiallo who it was seen that she has been also dating.

But it was then it came out to be the rumors.

Investigation Part

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri has been dressed and she managed to reach the court to tell about the case that has happened.

She admitted the affair with Rafael Orozco and said that there were few parties and events that she has been with him along with some of his friends as well.

There has been a deadly mystery that has been trying to solve the case of him, what has actually happened to him that led him to take that step or he has been murdered.

She also claimed that she did not know anything about the motive behind the murder and made herself to be free from the state.

The news of the presence of Martha Monica to be present in the Civic center spread like a fire and it was a motive to make some big news while trolling her as well.

Later on, when she came out from the hearing with her lawyer there was a flash of lights, clicking pictures that actually the case was to be taken if something happens like this.

There is a mystery that has been going on to solve the case of the singer and would try possible to find out the motive behind.

As there are many cases that have been running and a lot many murder cases that have been left with some of the other major conflicts.

It has been running among so many court cases and hence the case of Rafael Orozco as well.

Rafael Orozco was one of the Colombian singers of Vallenato music. Being one of the major representatives of Colombian folk music, a major lead singer, and a lot more.

María Angélica Navarro Ogliastri has been found to be linked up with him and soon when he died she has to be involved in the case as she admitted her link up with him.

There are hearing and dated that she needs to be present with while making a clarification towards the case.

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