Observation of National Parks with Points: Hikes in Zion National Park

It is hard to ignore the Observation Point in the breathtaking views of the Zion National Park. Though the hikes in this national park are a bit complicated it is delighting. The Zion National Park is located in Utah in the United States. The hike is 8 miles long. The climbing to the Observation Point is 2300 feet. The entire hike is a ceaseless climbing to visit the final view.

This is a memorable Zion path. It is worthy of your time and effort to visit the Observation Point in the Zion National Park. The hikers may view above Angels Landing and the remaining of Zion National Park.

Details Regarding the Hike

Total Distance: 8 miles

Height: 2300 feet

Complexity: Arduous

Time Taken: 4 to 6 hours

When to Visit: All the year-round provided that the trail is not restricted by snow and ice. The best seasons to go to the Zion National Park are spring and fall.

Trailhead: Weeping Rock end #7 on the Zion Shuttle

Important Mention: The way to Observation Point is presently blocked due to spoiling from a rockfall. For the latest updates on route status, visit the Zion National Park website.

Trek to the Observation Point

Once you depart from the shuttle, the hike begins at the Weeping Rock trailhead. The climbing starts almost instantly. Initially, the hike will not be long but as serious altitude begins, it will become a little exhausting.

This opening section of the hike is mostly boring and not much thrilling. As you advance further, it will get a lot better. You have the choice to make a deviation to Hidden Canyon at ¾ of a mile into the trek.

Amazing Echo Canyon

As you climb up, the route will flatten out in a region named the Echo Canyon. This setting is mesmerizing. You will enjoy less climbing with beautiful views and cooler temperatures.

The Echo Canyon is a big surprise for trekkers. So, you can enjoy this short interval in the beauty of nature. After that a long, tiring and, tough climbing is anticipated just around the curve.

The views from Observation Point are greatly admired by the trekkers. It appears as if complete Zion is expanded out before you.

After reaching the Observation Point, you can watch the Angels Landing and the Virgin River running through the valley. Thus, be delighted by discovering several views and take selfies bearing in mind your safety first.

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