Who is elected as the New President of the Island Nation?

The newly elected president of the Marshall Islands is David Kabua. Mr. David Kabua is an experienced politician. He was the former cabinet minister and the second son of origin President Amata Kabua. He won the elections by 20-12 vote with one no vote.

The health and internal affairs ministerial portfolios were formerly possessed by Mr. David Kabua. The RNZ Pacific reporter Giff Johnson stated that Mr. Kabua was distinguished as a Presidential contender who could lead to opponent candidates collectively as a head agreeable to most groups.

Giff depicted Mr. Kabua as a pleasant man with a relatively calm personality. He said that Mr. Kabua has been in Parliament for two decades. He was mostly a backbencher in the Cabinet earlier. He has a very friendly approach with everyone he meets. He knows everyone and is an ordinary man.

Hilda Heine lost the spot. It happened after a vote was completed during the first session of Parliament after the general election of November. The re-elected Speaker during the session was Kenneth Kedi.

Once the Cabinet is arranged, the President in the Marshall Islands is formally sworn in a week of being elected. Elector numbers have been considerably decreased in the national election since five elections.

According to the information launched by the Marshall Islands Electoral Administration, around less than 40 percent of enrolled electors cast their ballots. It is a constant descending tendency since the soaring of 64 percent votes collected in 2003.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hsu Szu-Chien of Taipei greeted Marshall Islands’ President David Kabua. He attended his inauguration to confirm their common standards and extended mutual relations.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said in a statement that Hsu met with Kabua after the inauguration. This inauguration was graced by the presence of more than 300 foreign and local dignitaries. Congratulations from Taiwan were conveyed to the new leader individually.

MOFA stated further that the representative highlighted that Taiwan and the Marshall Islands joint share the values of freedom and democracy, and restated Taiwan’s determination to intensify its relationship with the Pacific nation.

It did not provide any other information about the meeting. It only emphasized the course of bilateral cooperation and support.

According to the Ministry, in the meantime, in Kabua’s address, he underlined the significance of long-term relations to increase the Marshall Islands’ mutual aid with time-honored associates like Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

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