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BTEUP is Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education. It is also abbreviated as UPBTE. BTEUP offers technical education to scholars in (U.P.) Uttar Pradesh, India. It was established in May 1958 as the ‘State Board of Technical Education and Training’. Later in 1962, its name was changed to the ‘Board of Technical Education’.

The board provides about 60 courses of 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and a 4-year extent in various fields. All students of BTEUP can access the exam syllabus. Thus, the students can make use of the BTEUP Student Login service to get all the latest updates of the college like exam date sheet, syllabus, admit card. And scrutiny forms.

By downloading the latest syllabus provided by the board, the students can thoroughly prepare for their semester exams. Therefore, the students need to download their exam syllabus from the official website of BTEUP. In the ‘Syllabus’ section, one can download a revised syllabus related to various subjects.

The website provides the ‘Institute’ option where the students search for the affiliated colleges of BTEUP. They just have to select the institute type, district, and branches offered.

In the ‘Document Verification’ option on the site, the students just have to enter their enrollment number to download the diploma certificate and mark sheet.

The students can make use of the ‘Courses’ menu to access lateral and main courses. The students will find a list of different branches of studies.

The students can use the ‘Student Login’. The examiners can use the ‘Examiner Login’ and institutes can use the ‘Institute Login’ to get the latest updates of the board.

In the ‘E-Services Janhit’, the user will find 3 subcategories: Janhit Guarantee Act, E-services (Janhit Dashboard), and E-services (Janhit Application). In the dashboard, the user will find the total number of applications filed, a total number of approved application forms, and a total number of applications pending. To know details concerning the Student Janhit Application, the scholar has to sign in using his/her enrollment number and date of birth.

The ‘Reporting Services’ specifies enrollment report year-wise and final year result statistical report. The user has to enter the enrollment year, institute type, and district to get a year-wise enrollment report. To generate the final year result statistical report, the user has to enter the enrollment year and district.

Lastly, the ‘National Academic Repository’ section provides 3 subcategories that include benefits of the National Academic Repository, National Academic Repository Login, and National Academic Repository Cell.


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