Ways of Preventing Military Intervention in Politics

Military intervention in politics is an ordinary matter which is encountered by developed and developing nations. There may be military forces involvement in politics in democratic as well as authoritarian nations. The military intervention matter occurred in Nigeria in the period of military groups.

Meaning of Military Intervention

Authoritarian and democratic regimes face some common issues, so there is a chance of military intervention. The role of the military in every nation is to safeguard it from external military forces. Thus, the military is expected to protect the citizens from any external danger like war. The army is formed to safeguard the government and lawful commands of the nations.

If we assess military intervention in Nigerian politics all over history, we can see that it happened because of some factors. Consequently, it was vital for the stability of the social and economic life of the nation. If it has not happened, then Nigeria may have witnessed one more coup d’état.

Ways to Prevent Military from Venturing into Political Affairs

Some of the ways of preventing the military from politics are:

Tutoring Soldiers

The must be tutoring of the army men to make them aware of their roles that they are likely to play in the democratic indulgence. They must know that their main role is to defend the nation in times of any external hostility. They do not have to obstruct the governance of the country. This way they can be restricted in their quarters.

Strict Laws

The constitution of the nation must declare that participation in a martial coup will be a punishable felony. It should attach strict terms of imprisonment. So, if any military official is caught stabbing to dethrone the existing government must be ready to face strict punishment.

Readiness to Surrender Power

The civilian political leaders of the different nations, particularly, African countries must be ready to leave their seats once their office term ends. They should not stick to their position when it is time to leave. It is the reluctance of the political leaders to leave the workplace that builds room for military personnel to attempt seizing authority.

Regular Elections

The existing government must permit for free, fair and sincere elections on time. This would indicate to the public they have the opportunity to change the present government utilizing the ballot box. The nonexistence of these opportunities motivates people to usurp power by employing arms.

If the above actions are followed, it would prevent the military from entering the political affairs of the country by the force of guns.

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