Coronavirus App: Track the Disease in Real-time with Corona 100m in South Korea

Coronavirus App

Coronavirus App

Coronavirus App – South Korea is the country that embraces good knowledge of advanced technologies. Recently, when the Coronavirus epidemic reached its neck of land, the app developers reacted to it by coding an application.

The mobile app developers have launched an application to monitor the coronavirus in real-time in South Korea. The name of the app is Corona 100m. This application is gaining popularity in South Korea and it is the 6th most popular app among the top 15 apps. It is being downloaded via google Playstore by the people over there.

The developers of the applications retrieve the information related to this virus from public government departments. They also stated the app downloads are increasing day by day since this product was released publically earlier this month.

This virus has initially occurred in China and it affected many people worldwide. The Chinese tourists are also suffering due to the coronavirus and it is said that the global travel industry will take a long time to recover.

Bae Won-Seok, one of the developers of the corona 100m app said that the number of installs of the app is augmenting nearly 20,000 each hour. This app enables the people to see the date that a coronavirus patient was confirmed to have the disease.

The people will be able to check that patient’s, gender, age, nationality, and where the patient visited. This app enables the people to observe how near they are to patients of coronavirus.

According to Google Playstore, the corona 100m app has been installed above 1 million times since it was introduced on February 11. Bae mentioned that the server of the application has been crashed due to the increasing number of installations as the number of coronavirus cases is escalating in the country.

Lee Jun-young, the Corona Map developer, said he builds his app as he discovered that the government figures are difficult to comprehend. He also said that the health officials have released the locations where coronavirus patients have been but the official details are not clearly illustrated.

Lee, an earlier Android software engineer who lives in Seoul mentioned that he thought that it would be good to mark the coronavirus cases on a map.

There have now been above 83,000 cases of coronavirus documented globally. The infections are happening on each continent excluding Antarctica. 2,337 cases in South Korea indicate the major epidemic out of mainland China, where the majority of coronavirus cases have been traced.

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