GTU Student Info: Access GTU Students Results/Grade history

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) is a foremost learning and research establishment. GTU impels original ways of thought. It was established and founded in 2007 by the Government of Gujarat through the Gujarat Act Number 20 of 2007.

 Gujarat Technological University is a State University. It consists of 486 affiliated colleges in its fold functioning across the state of Gujarat in its 5 zones at Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vallabh Vidyanagar, and Surat, and Gandhinagar.

 This University offers learning in the areas of Management, Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, and Computer Science. The University has approximately 4, 00,000 students enlisted in a great number of Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate programs and Doctoral program.

 The Main Objectives of GTU

 GTU makes it’s functioning clear-cut and satisfactory to all stakeholders.

 It provides excellent education, training, career and research facilities to its students.

 GTU frequently coordinates and handles Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Conferences and Seminars.

 It partners and manages with colleges for a successful teaching delivery system.

 GTU ensures well-timed and well-organized conduct of the examination process.

 It helps in student’s placements into fit and important professions and the future of their choice.

 GTU Student Info

 Lakhs of students are presently studying in GTU. Around 2, 50,000+ students have by now finished their B.E. (Degree in engineering) from GTU, Ahmedabad ever since 2008. 

 Several companies or recruiters are searching for students’ results or grade history through the GTU Student Info option. These recruiters need to know the important details of the GTU students for verification purposes before engaging them.

Also, numerous faculties and college staff are searching for students’ results/grade history to offer guidance and support to the students.

Most significantly, it is difficult for the parents to remember the enrollment number of the child. Therefore, to assist the parents as well this GTU Student Info has been created.

Through the GTU Student Info tool, it becomes easier and simpler for the parents, college staff, and recruiters to search the GTU engineering students by entering their Name, Surname, Father’s name, Branch, College, Zone, etc.

If the GTU Student Info option shows thousands of results, then there is a filter option to search by choosing the branch or college.

At times, the surname of the student and their first name are in reverse order. Thus, you can try that search option as well. When the results are displayed, all the results can be downloaded in Excel format.

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