All About RSL com U.S.A., inc. the New Cool Kid on the Audio Block

RSL com U.S.A., inc.

RSL com U.S.A., inc.

RSL com U.S.A., inc. – So there’s been some buzz in recent years about this audio company called RSL that’s earning nods from critics and customers alike for their slick looking, sounding, yet affordable hi-fi gear. With unique technology bringing crystal clear trebles and earth-shaking bass alongside some sweet aesthetics, RSL com U.S.A., inc. is showing the big boys how it’s done. Let’s check them out.

RSL com U.S.A., inc. Please Explain

I mean that I haven’t heard it mentioned much at the local Best Buy’s speaker section, so what gives? In a nutshell, RSL Com U.S.A., Inc. is the Cali-grown brainchild of a team with major experience building all things audio, founded back in 2018. The RSL name stands for “Reference Standard Laboratory” – obviously hinting to their ambitious desire to crank out some of the best darn audio equipment out there.

The cool thing is how they only sell their manufactured products direct from their site vs mass retail. And in just a few years, RSL com U.S.A., inc. has already been winning over audio connoisseurs with their made-from-scratch speakers, subwoofers, amps, processors and various accessories. Now that’s what I call disrupting a market!

What’s RSL com U.S.A., inc. Cooking Up?

RSL’s catalog can pump up your personal hi-fi salon or full out home theater. Let’s quickly drool over some product highlights:

  • Speakers – insane bookshelf, tower, center channel and surround speakers made to deliver the purest sounds and sleek design. We’re talking custom cones, cab designs – the works!
  • Subwoofers – from compact yet booming models to giant open-air theater subs, prepare for earthquaking bass.
  • Amplifiers – we’re talking multi-channel amps made by audio scientists and stereo integrated amps that design nerds obsess over!
  • Accessories – stands, cables, sound treatment panels – all meticulously made to complete your audio sanctuary.

Why the RSL com U.S.A., inc. Difference Matters

So besides the innovation, quality components and drool-worthy craftsmanship, here’s the real kicker – RSL com U.S.A., inc. products come at a fraction of the price versus fancy audio brands! We can thank their direct to consumer approach for that. Plus RSL cuts no corners, with insane 5 year amp warranties and 3 years for passive speakers and subs. So yeah, they walk the walk.


Alright, before you whip out your credit card, here are answers to usual first-timer questions:

Where are these well-designed goodies made?

Straight out of their La Jolla HQ with state of the art tech for peak quality control, except some accessories which are imported.

Any of those sweet warranties you mentioned?

You betcha – 5 years for amps and 3 years for passive speakers and subwoofers. Talk about confidence in build quality!
Well there ya have it amigos! Long story short – if you’re even slightly into quality audio gear, RSL needs to be on your radar stat with their flagships and affordability. Don’t just take my word – critics everywhere have been raving too. I’ll be the first in line to demo their latest creations!

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