Silidog Net Worth 2020 – Pet Dog Tag’s (Bentely And Mikey)

Silidog Net Worth 2020

 Silidog Net Worth 2020 –  We all love pets, and the dog is one of the best of all. Millions of people hold dogs in their respective homes, and 2021, 2022.

They are fun to be around and make our best friends. We can play around, talk to them, share every aspect of our lives.

Isn’t it great, therefore everyone looks for dogs. This one must have been through Silidog. If not then here one will get every information on the same.

What Is Silidog Known To Be?

Silidog Net Worth 2020 Offering the premium quality of pet dog tags. They are made up of silicone, they never fade, glow in the dark and most importantly it is durable.

They can be taken by any pet owner and make them look even better.

The founder of Silidog is  Mikey Lickstein who had gained his studies from the University of Florida. He recused a dog who was on street named Bentley.

He was found to be badly treated, all scratched on him, and was at the side of the street. He was scratching his tag all around to get rid away.

At that point in time when Mikey got an inspiration to get something with pet tags and this made him make that new one with durability.

Mikey Project Got Funded In 2015

Silidog Net Worth 2020 His idea to make new tags for pet lovers and to offer comfort to dogs, is what made Mikey make that happen. His project got funded in the year 2015 and was raised to around  $11,0000 for 250 backers.

This was a huge amount to kickstart for tags.

When he made that happen he later managed to make the availability of tags in 200 small pet stores to see what result does he get.

Later he moved towards shark tanks to make his business to take a new step and eventually he made that happen.

He attended one session that took place in Miami and was selected to portray his business.

His segment was eventually aired in 2016.

Entering Into Shark Tank With Silidog

Silidog Net Worth 2020 While he entered the shark tank to look for taking up his business with the amount that included 11000$ and also while stating that 15 percent in exchange for his business.

He explained all his pitch on how he rescues Bentley and thought to make the pet tags that can be durable while being shiny and glowy.

Informing that after being graduated in the making of tag’s of dogs, he made the one which dogs can wear and would not be able to make noise while roaming around.

There were certain advantages that he explained shark tanks that include

That it will never fade

They can be customizable

And the variety of colors available

Price That Comes Up For Pet Tag’s

Silidog Net Worth 2020 After explaining all the advantages and benefits he told that the price of each tag is around $ 19.99.

There is also free shipping present so there is no need to pay an extra amount.

The order will get delivered within 5 days.

Initially, when their team researched after being consulting Mikey they found that the original cost for the tags is around $2.99.

This left shark tank that there will be a huge profit that can be attained if they opt for the offer.

One of the team member named Robert Herjavec claimed that there are many of the tags that are same as that of Bentley, Mikey, in that case, explained to him that they are all fake and make of up low-quality material.

When the sales of 14 months came out Mikey told that it was around $142,000 and also informed the sales process that how it goes on to reach much higher amount.

Silicon is being on track to offer premium quality tags for pet owners that can give their dogs a level of comfort and also without making noise.

There were many tags in the market that do not offer comfort, but Mikey towards his story with Bentley made that happen so.

He discovered such a tag that covers in many colors and variants, so one can take with their nearest online stores and with ease.

These tags are much more convenient to cover them and making deals with the shark tanks made that happen even more easily.

After recusing the Bentley he with his all skills and education made tags that can be proven valuable.

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