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Top Best Calorie Tracker App

These days, count calories are incredibly simple. Some several helpful websites and apps assist you to log your meals and track your calorie intake.

FitnessPal app is accessible on-line, and sign up takes but a second. This app is for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Last however not least, it’s a free app. MyFitnessPal is one of the foremost common calorie counters at present.

MyFitnessPal will provide a free version. However, a number of its options will solely be accessed within the premium version that is $49.99 annually.

Main Features of FitnessPal – the Top Calorie Tracker App

  1. It tracks your weight and calculates a suggested daily calorie intake. It conjointly contains a well-designed food diary and an exercise log.
  2. The homepage provides a clear-cut image of what number of calories you have consumed throughout the day. Additionally, it shows your remaining suggested intake and also the range of calories you’ve burned by exercising.
  3. If you are employing a fitness tracking application, MyFitnessPal will probably synchronize with it to incorporate its information within the exercise log.
  4. The app tracks your improvement towards your objectives and offers chat forums with associate users. The forums embrace conversations, recipes, tips and personal accomplishment stories.
  5. MyFitnessPal’s nutrition information is incredibly intensive, containing over five million foods. You’ll be able to conjointly transfer recipes from the net or produce custom foods and dishes.
  6. The app even saves your favorite meals for convenient sorting.
  7. Tracking your food and calorie intake is vital. Research shows that individuals who log calories lose additional weight and are expected to lessen their weight in the long run.
  8. Additionally, MyFitnessPal barcode scanner permits you to instantly enter the nutrition data of some packaged foods.
  9. Each day is conferred as a chart, showing your breakdown of carbs, macromolecule, and fat. You’ll be able to conjointly write a note for every day, recording however things went or however you were feeling.


MyFitnessPal has the biggest information out there in an exceeding diet tracker and includes several eating house foods.

It will transfer recipes from the internet and calculate the calorie content of every serving.

You can “quick add” calories if you do not have the time to feature details about a specific meal.


Since most foods are uploaded by different users, the calorie count might not be entirely correct. Multiple entries could exist for constant product.

Serving sizes within the data is also arduous to edit, making complicated if your serving was smaller or larger than the one listed.


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