Vaikom Muhammad Basheer First Novel – Premalekhanam

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer First Novel

What is the Vaikom Muhammad Basheer First Novel? Are you eagerly looking to know more about him?

Do you want to know what was his first novel got published? It is the place for you to grab knowledge.  As we are here to let you know more about him and what is his first novel name.

His first novel was Premalekhanam. Do you know what the novel is based upon? Well, here you will get to know deep details about the novel and the author as well Vaikom Muhammad Basheer First Novel.

Before this let us tell you about Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, what was his life and about his contribution.

Who Was Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was also called Beypore Sulthan,

He played a role of activist and a writer/author of Malayalam literature.

Besides this, he was also seen in many categories like those of-

  • Writer
  • Humanist
  • Freedom fighter
  • Novelist and short-story writer

He was known for his extensive writing skills and which made him popular in the industry. Not many people get early recognition but the one with talents has no time boundation.

To this one of those was Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, he has written many novels and contributed to many forms of writing. Some of his excellent works are-

  • Balyakalasakhi
  • Shabdangal
  • Pathummayude Aadu
  • Mathilukal
  • Ntuppuppakkoranendarnnu
  • ¬†Janmadinam and Anargha Nimisham

The novel was also published in many other languages and got translated as well. This made people know about his style and what contribution he has made.

He was also awarded the fourth highest civilian honour of the Padma Shri in 1982.

In addition to this, he was also a receipt of the Sahitya Academy Fellowship. He got recognition for the Kerala Sahitya Academy fellowship as well.

He got the award for Best Story on the state level.

Born on January 21, 1908, in Thalayolaparambu. After completing his primary education he went towards the English medium school and he learns lot many things.

To this, he included in his writing as well so that the world could get to know him well and easily. As we all know writing is one form through which we can communicate our thoughts.

Writers do it in such a way and also they are able to connect with people in an easier manner. In addition to this people can learn lot many things and take a lesson as well.

His Involvement Towards Freedom Struggle

In between his education path he meets mahatma Gandhi as well, he was able to learn lot many things as well.

When it came towards his involvement in the freedom struggle, therein he resolved to join the independence.

Towards several moments and fights, he never shakes his hands towards writing. There in he was able to write so many novels.

His novels have lot many things to teach and also massive information. He has shared his personal experience with those in some novels.

This took him to take his achievement for long and also because of his hard work.

About His First Novel- Premalekhanam

Premalekhanam came out in the year 1943

The novel holds the subject of a humorous story of love.

With some of his outstanding dialogues, he focused on conservatism and the dowry system.

If you are a reader or loves to read then you will find this particular novel attractive. It has something different which not all novel contains.

We can say something unusual which predicts to be grabbing mind and also heart.

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer has written many novels but the first one was Premalekhanam

How To Read Premalekhanam Novel?

If you are looking at the ways on how can you read the novel online then, you can either download the full novel or also read it online.

You have both of these ways which you can consider and according to your choice.

The web has given a lot much ease through which you can acquire what you want to. The case is with reading as well. So if you are looking to read Premalekhanam then you can download the novel in pdf form and also read it online.

There are different channels that allow you to make your wish come true Vaikom Muhammad Basheer First Novel.

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