When did Equestrian Academy Establish in MP? – Established in 2007 and the Junior National Equestrian Competition

An Equestrian Academy is a facility created and maintained to accommodate and train equids, especially horses. Larger Equestrian facilities are known as equestrian centers. These are co-located with harmonizing services like a riding academy, farriers, tack shops, vets, or equipment repair.

The Madhya Pradesh State Equestrian Academy was established in July 2007.

Equestrianism is usually called horse riding or horseback riding. Equestrian events were made a part of the modern Olympic Games in 1900. An expert horse rider is an equestrian. An equestrian is a person who rides horses.

The normal duties for the equestrians are divided into four main areas: guiding and training the horses for competition, the regular management of a stable or other equine provision, the training of learner to superior students in Equestrian Academy and general riding, and the guiding the future equestrians in two-year or four-year degree.

In the Junior National Equestrian Competition, the players of the Equestrian Academy of Madhya Pradesh performed exceptionally.

The Junior National Equestrian competition was held on December 20 to 30 in Bangalore at Embassy International Riding School. One of the most talented players of State academy Prannoy Khare gave a remarkable performance in the Young Rider category and grabbed the Over All Best Raider Trophy for the third successive year.

He secured 3 gold and 1 silver medals as well. Apart from this, Prannoy Khare also secured 2 gold medals at the Embassy International School Rider Show. Adding up these, Prannoy made Madhya Pradesh proud by being victorious in achieving 6 medals including 5 gold and a silver medal and achieving the Best Rider Champions Trophy.

A whole of 14 medals was secured by the MP Equestrian Academy players in the junior national equestrian competition. The medals embrace 7 gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze medals and 3 Champions Trophies. In the competition, academy player Arjun Singh won the trophy for Best Rider in Children’s category. Aditya Ayush Singh got Best Rider trophy in the junior category.

Raju Singh Bhadoria, Aditya, Ayush Singh, Meera Malaiya, Hiral Joshi, Anand Jhala, Akanksha Vishwarma, Paridhi Joshi, Arjun Singh, and Bholu Parmar are the medals winners.

Expressing gladness over this success of the equestrian academy players, the Minister of Sports and Youth Welfare, Jitu Patwari and Director Sports SL Thoussen applauded the medal champions. They motivated the players to achieve with the same determination in the coming competitions. 


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