Which 2001 Film Is Based On A Novel – Helen Fielding?


Which 2001 Film Is Based On A Novel Helen Fielding – Bridget Jone’s  Diary (2001) is based on a famous novel called “Helen Fielding”. Renee Zellweger bought up this in April 13, 2001, in U.S theatres.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a film loaded with the mind, warmth, and genuineness, knowing silliness, finished off with plenty of astounding exhibitions. This Bridget Jones has the style to prevail upon U.K. crowds and very likely the appeal to wow the American film industry.

In light of Helen Fielding’s massively famous novel, this lighthearted comedy follows Bridget (Renee Zellweger), a post women’s activist, a thirty-something British lady who has a propensity for alcoholic gorges, smoking, and a failure to control her weight.

Bridget Jones’ Diary, started in 1995 as a British newspaper by Helen Fielding, was transformed into a top-rated novel a year later

While attempting to hold these things under control and furthermore manage her activity in distributing, she visits her folks for a Christmas celebration.

They attempt to set her up with Mark (Colin Firth), the meeting child of one of their neighbors. Scorned by Mark, she rather succumbs to her manager Daniel (Hugh Grant), a running lothario who starts to send her intriguing messages that before long lead to a supper date recommendation.

Daniel uncovers that he and Mark went to school together, during which time Mark took part in an extramarital affair with his life partner.

At the point when Bridget discovers Daniel cutting loose with an American associate, she chooses to transform herself with a new position as a TV moderator.

At an evening gathering, she chances upon Mark once more, who communicates his fondness for her; when Daniel claims he needs Bridget back, the two battle about who merits her expressions of love the most. Popular British performers Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, and Shirley Henderson appear in the supporting cast. ~ Jason Clark, Rovi

The R-evaluated romantic comedy, which netted north of $280 million around the world, is currently a film establishment, with Bridget Jones’ Baby set for discharge this September. The content credit is shared by three scholars — Fielding, Andrew Davies (who scripted the TV adjustment of Pride and Prejudice) and Richard Curtis (Notting Hill) — yet seems consistent. It’s brimming with awesome jokes and moves along at a simple pace.

The incredible thing about Bridget is that she is a frightfully legit character who bears everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity. She lives in a genuine world (in contrast to her American partners in Sex and the City) and battles through decently well.

Production designer Gemma Jackson works superbly of introducing a dream of London that is tinged with sentiment, and amazing utilization of areas helps present an enchanting perspective on the city.

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