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XNNH Stock Price Today 2018 Pdf Download – Xenonics Holdings Incorporated XNNH is the global leader offering ground-breaking types of equipment way out that aids in sighting at remote objects in darker regions. The XNNH Company creates and supplies two main lines of exceptional goods of higher functioning.

Xenonics Holdings Incorporated/XNNH deals in the development, production, and selling of transferable lighting goods. It also markets dim light seeing devices. The company offers lighting goods for sale under the NightHunter brand name. It offers night vision products under the SuperVision brand.

The goods of the NightHunter series are created in different configurations that match the specific needs of the customers. The products in this series are compacted hand-held devices for foot-borne staff and steady devices for vehicular, airborne, and shipboard work. The XNNH Company was established on July 23, 2003. XNNH is headquartered in Oceanside, New York.

The NightHunter series contains several products of long-range, multi-use lighting devices for martial and safety uses. The SuperVision series of HD Night Sight follows the reverse method of NightHunter goods. It uses an original and proprietary “night vision” technique to view in darkness.

Xenonics Holdings innovative SuperVision line employs an extremely advanced CCD sensor and digital signal processor. Through the sensor and processor, it converts the dimness into see-through, HD, sharp contrast sight details.

The NightHunter variant of the XNNH is proved useful in warfare with the U.S. Marines and Army. The NightHunter series uses xenon short-arc lamp tools incorporating an especially planned parabolic reflector to cast its shaft of dazzling white light up to 1.5 miles.

Details of the XNNH Company 

Business: Defense and Space

Size of the Company: 11 to 50 employees

Firm Type: Public Company

Founded in 1996

The XNNH Company’s main products embrace adaptable to light and night sighting goods that are used in for a variety of purposes by the forces, law enforcement bodies, defense, investigate and save, and in the profitable marketplace.

This company sells its lighting goods under the NightHunter brand and night view goods under the SuperVision brand. The NightHunter power line of light goods includes 3 types of illumination devices: NightHunter One, NightHunter Ext, and NightHunter 3.

The SuperVision HD night viewing device combines a mega- responsive IR or detectable image sensor, zoom competence, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), and an HDTV near-eye display. The SuperVision runs with or without a night vision light device. The series consists of the SuperVision Tactical Package, the SuperVision Patrol Package, and the Supervision Video Out.

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