If you’ve been dreaming of having your book published, there’s no doubt that you have already mulled over all possible options of getting it done. Surely, you can always self-publish your book, but keep in mind that it’s not gonna be easy. First and foremost, you have to find an editor who will proofread your book not only properly, but also quickly. Secondly, you are gonna be the one responsible for all organization processes which can be very tiring. Finding distribution channels and setting up payment options will be your job as well. All of this may be a little too much, especially if you used to ask for help from an academic writing service as a student. Obviously, there’s a difference between writing a book and completing a homework assignment. Sometimes students have no other choice but to address their request to a college paper writing service. Writing a book is a whole other story. Yet, getting assistance with it is truly advantageous. Here are the reasons why you need a book publisher to make sure that your piece of writing sees the light of day. 

Support whenever you need it

When you have a publisher on hand, you are always certain that their whole team is ready to help you out no matter what it is. To begin with, the publisher will find you an editor who will take care of proofreading. What is more, you can direct any problem you have to the publisher and they will take care of everything. It is their job to make sure that nothing distracts you from the writing process. While they are dealing with the organizational issues, you can fully focus on your craft.

Apart from that, a great publisher will offer constructive feedback that will help you improve your writing and reach a wider audience with your book and the message you are trying to convey in it. Financial support is another reason why you need a book publisher. When you sign a deal with a responsible publishing house, you get some of the money upfront which keeps you afloat and helps you worry less about the issue. As a result, you get to be creative and lead a normal life. 

Recognition of the publishing house

When you are lucky enough to get your manuscript picked up by a renowned publishing house, it means that more doors will open for you as a writer. The world of publishing is all about networking, so getting published by a famous publishing company will create a lot of buzz for the upcoming book. As a result, you will have people waiting for the book to come out. The more attention you can get, the better.

Besides, working with an established book publisher is the dream of almost every writer as the audience gets excited about the book long before it reaches the bookstore. Working with some of the biggest players on the book market will be a cool experience for any writer, especially the one that is just starting out. Don’t miss such a chance in case you get one. Another great piece of advice is not to be afraid to send your manuscript not only to independent publishers, but also to big publishing houses. You never know who’s gonna get interested in your piece of writing. A lot of publishing houses open submissions, so make sure you follow them not to miss an opportunity to send a copy of your book. 


Publicity is one of the most important aspects of getting your book published. Yet, you won’t even have to get to the basics of it if you have a reliable publisher at your disposal. They are going to take care of promoting and distributing your book. What is more, online book marketing is the responsibility of the publisher as well. Your job is to write a fascinating book. The rest is what your publisher is going to deal with. 

Book publishers will also provide you with analytics on how good the book is doing on the market. They will be the ones arranging interviews for you, as well as helping you get ready for the press events you need to do for the book promotion after it gets published. All in all, the life of a writer is much easier when they have a publisher on hand that helps them out with getting their book out in the world. 



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