TikViral: An Ultimate Guide to TikTok Lead Generation Ads

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Over the course of time, TikTok remains an integral part of every person’s daily life. Users from various backgrounds use this platform to get famous and to get exposure as well. It is the same reason that business marketers find this a potential platform for generating business leads.

On the contrary, TikTok is also consistently working on new approaches to enhance user experiences. Most entrepreneurs use this platform to promote and market their brands to a wider audience. Moreover, such business owners tend to buy tiktok likes to flawlessly strengthen their online visibility of the account profile.

Among all other options of ad formats, TikTok’s Lead Generation Ads are considered the possible way to create leads for their businesses. If you want to know how? Then Read this article till the end to get better insights.

What are Lead Generation Ads on TikTok?

TikTok Lead generation ad is one of the recently updated features on this platform. It is built to help businesses to reach out to their customers and drive conversions for their business. Also, it allows the brands to share their essential details, which include offers and features about the products or services.

It is carried out by filling out a lead generation form where prospects can choose their preferred formats that are likely to be shared. Unlike other formats, it is cost-efficient and will have greater customer experience rates.  

TikTok Lead Generation Ads – How to Get Started?

As said earlier, Lead Gen ads are processed in the instant form format that is connected to the in-feed video advertisements. Therefore, the lead ad you have published will appear in the viewer’s feed. When they click on the CTA, it will direct them to fill up a form. They can share information, answer questions, schedule appointments, etc.

The below discussed are the steps that need to be followed to create effective Lead Generation ads.

#1 Start a Campaign for Lead Generation

In order to get started, first, you need to get into your TikTok Ads manager. If you do not have a business profile on TikTok, you must create one to run ads once you have a business profile and log in to your ads manager. Then, select the campaign option and create.

Afterward, you need to choose the Lead Generation for your advertising objective and continue.

#2 Select Your Location and Audience Criteria

You have now chosen the appropriate goal for your lead generation campaign. Now you need to select your location and the audience for your campaign. The Custom Audience allows you to add some demographics like gender, languages, age category, and interests.

Also, the Automatic Audience will have a definite structure, where the algorithm selects the audience for your campaign. Therefore, it would be better if you go on with the second option, where you can meet the most targeted needs of your audience. Besides, you can consider TikViral, which will help you revamp your strategies for your account profile quickly.

#3 Set a Budget for Your TikTok Ad

After setting your goal and preferred audience for your campaign, you must set a target budget for your ad. Unless or until you are sure your ad will be successful. It would be advisable if you select or set your budget at its lowest. Also, don’t set your budget too low; consider setting an affordable one.

When it comes to TikTok, the range of the payment is framed as cost per thousand impressions. So carefully select your budget, currency, and the date on when it should be published. Then proceed by clicking Continue.

#4 Create Your TikTok Ad

The success of our ad depends on how effectively it reaches the target audience. So before starting, analyze which works the best for the TikTok application and which doesn’t. Then plan accordingly for your ad based on the gathered pieces of information. Here are some of the things you should consider while creating one.

i) Make Your Content Short

As you are well aware that TikTok is a short video platform. So make your ad short and precise in the given time frame. While shooting, make it a vertical video and use movements, music tracks, and catchy texts to attract the audience’s eyes.

To have a positive impression of your brand, your concept should be fresh and authentic. Additionally, you may try out SocialDice, which will help detect the live count of your TikTok account profile and strengthen your profile flawlessly.

ii) Make Use of Creators and Influencers

In spite of putting in your effort alone, you can utilize other creators or influencers’ formats to run your ads. First, search and find influencers in your business-oriented niche. Then, review their profiles and see which content works best for converting leads.

Please note things like what they share and how well they represent through the videos. If that type of content gets more engagement, it will be the right one for your ads. So it would always be a good idea to be prepared before getting into the plan.

#5 Uploading Your Lead Generation Ad

After finishing your video, drag it into the upload videos area. There, in the customer mode, you can see an editor which allows you to add soundtracks, text, and effects for your video.

Once you have uploaded your ad video, you can explore various options to organize and promote your ad. It includes the name of your brand, text for promotional purposes, your profile picture, and a CTA option.

#6 Create Your Lead Gen Form

Finally, it is time to create your instant form for generating leads. To create one, click on the create button, which can be found below the Instant Form area. A window will be displayed with several options. The Instant Form comes with two options for converting the lead: email or name.

In such cases, you can add a custom field which may be an additional step for your lead. If not, your second page of the form will be the thanking one, and a hyperlink to your website landing page. You can also preview your form if you want to check once again. The final step of the process is to save and complete. Further, review the terms provided and then submit.

Wrapping it Up

By now, you have learned how to create successful Lead Generation ads on TikTok. Promoting your brand this way will help you get more conversions and leads. All you need to do is create excellent content that your target audience will notice.

So don’t wait for the opportunity to knock at your door. Instead, you can make yours and shine through it!


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