Why You Shouldn’t Be Skimping on Exterior House Paint in Denver, CO

Skimping on Exterior House Paint

Though it may not seem like it, painting the exterior of your home comes with many more steps than just picking up a brush and slapping some paint on the walls. There is a lot of work that you have to do beforehand, like prepping the walls and choosing the correct exterior house paint by Kind Home Solutions in Denver, CO that is suitable for your home. There are many reasons you should work with a professional painter when you paint your home in Denver.

1. The climate in Denver, CO is hard on exterior paint

Though the weather in Colorado is generally great, rampant weather patterns cause paint to fail quicker than normal. With hail, snow, rain and 300 days of sunshine, your exterior paint faces a lot of challenges. Our proximity to the sun can also cause paint to oxidize or fade a lot faster.

For these reasons alone, it is a good idea to use high end paint products that are built to last and withstand such elements. When you work with a professional painter, make sure they use top-tier products. This is vital to ensuring a paint job that will last for years to come. 

2. Cheap paint can peel and crack, leading to expensive repairs down the road

We can’t stress enough how much the quality of paint that you use for your exterior matters. Cheap paint will break down faster and will begin to fade, peel, crack, and flake before you know it.

It is vital to prep the surfaces properly before applying any paint. This includes caulking, priming and scraping old failing paint. Proper prep is extra necessary for cheaper paints, because they tend to fail much quicker already. Good prep will lead to a longer lasting paint job.

It’s also important to apply paint in the right weather conditions. Cheaper paints can’t be used in as wide of a range of temperatures as some of the higher end paints. Make sure that the professional painter you work with adheres to all the paint manufacturers specifications to ensure your new coat of paint lasts. 

3. A good coat of paint can add value to your home

If and when you are planning on selling your home, adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior could add more value to it. Painting the exterior of your home can enhance its curb appeal and serve as the first line of defense against natural elements.

When you put a fresh coat of paint on your exterior, it is sure to attract more potential buyers, effectively taking it off the market quicker. Worn down, chipping paint on an exterior will likely deter home buyers because of the extra work they’ll need to do once they purchase the home. 

4. Professionally painted homes often sell for more than those that were DIY-painted

Painting your home takes a lot more work than you may have expected. From having to prepare the surfaces before you paint, to finding the right type, sheen and color of paint for your home, there are many steps that get overlooked. 

Getting your home professionally painted allows you to save more time since you are trusting more experienced painters to take care of it. You can also rest easy knowing that your will not not need to climb up a ladder. Plus, all the repairs and the preparations would be done by your professional painter, and you would not need to worry about any clean up or hours put into your paint job. 

As long as your painter uses high quality paint, proper techniques and provides you a warranty, you can enjoy your new paint job for years to come with little to no work. 

Prospective homebuyers can easily distinguish between a DIY enthusiast and a paint job by  a professional due to the difference in appearance. Trusting the experts to paint your walls ensures a fantastic finish.

5. Choose a color that will complement your home’s design and stand the test of time.

When you are choosing the color scheme of your house, then you have to make sure that the color scheme that you choose will complement the architectural design of your home and also be cohesive with other homes in your neighborhood. 

Selecting a color scheme for your home can be challenging. However, you can take inspiration from various sources, such as the history of your home, the color scheme of your neighbors or neighborhood, nature, the color of your roof, and even trending paint color schemes online. 

Painting the exterior of your home has numerous benefits, particularly if you plan to sell it or wish to conceal blemishes and imperfections that accumulate over time. To ensure the job is done correctly, it’s best to work with a professional. If you’re interested in painting your home, contact a professional exterior painter today!

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