Zack And Addie Crime Scene Photos: Omni Hotel New Orleans

Zack And Addie Crime Scene Photos: Omni Hotel New Orleans

Zack And Addie Crime Scene Photos-  There are many mysteries that left unrevealed, no matter whether it is of ordinary people, in industry, or around the world.

There are some cases that leave to not speak about them, we do not know how they happened and what made them do so.

There is one of the mystery we are talking about here is of Zack And Addie Crime, it was in 2006 when there was unknown news came up for them.

The police called from Omni hotel that one person from the roof of the hotel landed up in the garage. Till the time police came up to the side it was intended that man died.

The situation claimed that was not the homicide, then what must have happened with the man? This was an unknown fact that people and police were finding out.

The mystery will be solved when there was a long page suicide note was found behind him. In that, there was instruction on how one can find the pieces of her girlfriend.

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About Zack Bowen And Her Girlfriend Life

Zack Bowen according to his family and friends was one of the decent guys, he was one of the common men that everyone liked.

Being an American boy he used to be the way like other boys to be. At the age of 18 zack met a girl named Lana shack.

It was then both of them married after their meeting, he also married to support her and joined the military.

He took care of her children and went off to Iraq. One of his friends claimed that they both met in Iraq and therein he finds that Zack was unhappy and wanted to come home.

Now, what was the situation that made him feel lonely or come up home, as he was never the kind of person his friend stated?

After his long determination towards his work, his wishes to come home was approved. He later joined a place as a bartender in one of the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Later the two got separated, joining the job as a bartender he met the girl named Addie.

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Things To Be Common Between Zack And Addie

Both of them have shared common likes and one of them was drinking. It was at the time when Hurricane Katrina hit and they both shared the same apartment.

Because of the habit of Addie of baring her breast at a police officer, they both have seen often in new and came up with a strong person over media.

When the hurricane hit they both lived without electricity and this was challenging.

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Murder Mystery Happened After They Got Into Fight

Their murder mystery got up when they were involved in a heavy fight between them. It was on October 5, 2006.

According to the suicide note that was left by Zack, it was written that he made killed her and made her into pieces and later on he took his life as well.

Her body pieces were in different places and he made in his statement where the police could find her pieces.

Her head was into the pot of the stove.

Her feet were into another pot lying with her leg in the oven.

Her remaining part was in the refrigerator

He also said that he was trying to put bone and meat separately. There has been clearly stated that it was in order to remove all the evidence so that no one gets into the zone.

When officers got to know after a week and what was happened in the area, it was too late to identify the body of the girl.

After the murder happened Zack went off to take his life while writing the message over the wall with the help of spray paint.

It was a five-page note that made everyone shocked at how he took both of their lives.

Now the question arose on why he killed Addie?

The plot mix up the love, murder, and thrill, as both Zack and Addie were two different people and they both hold the different way of living life.

When there was a fight took between them, it could be solved but rather than ending up giving up lives.

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