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Aen Syahera

Aen Syahera

Aen Syahera Malaysian Social Media Star Aen Syahera Video Viral TelegramAen Syahera Video Viral 2020 Twitter –  Stars earn fame by their efforts and hard work, they decide according to their wish and hence go in the line in which they hold an interest.

Countries hold many stars and they make their name by doing the activities they are in love with. Coming into the category Aen Syahera she is a Malaysian social media star who has earned fame by the lip-syncing app,  the world-known app Tik Tok.

She holds 117.320k followers, a huge follower that has been a lot in the case of an actor.

She is known to one of the famous Tik Tok stars. Not only on Tik Tok but also she is famous on Instagram, a photo-sharing app. The username is @aensyaheraa

While making her name with so many followers and the post either by entertaining people or updating posts that can make her grow.

She also holds some of the collaboration with many commercials through which she has made her career and also in terms of earning.

Personal Information


Instagram Star, Tiktok Star,


December 6, 2000, 1996


23 years (As in 2020)




Kota Bharu, Malaysia


Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia



She holds the page name Aen Syahera ‘ TikTok page:

Making her fan among some of the social media platforms she is qualified from one of the well-known educational institutions in Malaysia.

So she holds a good qualification and hence by doing so she is a social media star.

Aen Syahera got her fame from Instagram and Tik Tok, so by doing all the activities she has made her reputation among users.

Her Tik Tok video made her go viral among the public and it must have something interesting, so it is all about the social media power that has made her reach among users.

She is known to be the prime influencer in Malaysia and hence that has made her collaboration with many commercial ads. Aen Syahera’s hometown is Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

There are many related terms that is found to be associated with Aen Syahera on Bing and Google. Social media is an apparatus that associates individuals socially just by a single tick.

It has become a human-accommodating apparatus for individuals to communicate, share information, occasions, and so forth.

The most famously utilized social locales are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, and some more. Social media sites destinations consider worldwide correspondence that is creative, fun, and moment. If you need to exploit this worldwide commercial center and use it to build a business, at that point you need a viable promoting effort.

This is the story of Aen Syahera who has made her be famous on social media platforms and hence this is the way she was able to grab the commercial ads as well.

There are many stars who have made them famous with social media power, also at present these are the most important and beneficial platform that is known worldwide and hence by utilizing person can put their personality in front of the world and they can showcase their talent and Aen Syahera has utilized her to make her famous.

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