Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps, and Uses

Best Reverse Image Search Engines

Image search engines are one of the most powerful and useful tools that allow users to find out similar images by adding photos in the search bar.

Ponce the enter key is pressed; hundreds of best-matched results are fetched in a couple of seconds which saves time and human effort.

Users are always at an advantage using these utilities as they can find any specific picture using a photo-based query instead of using keywords.

For example, you have an image of a celebrity and you want to know the name, you just need to provide that photo as an input query.

Hit the Enter button and a few moments later, it will automatically show the name of the celebrity.

Many different apps and search engines are providing this service but people are not aware of it. We are here to inform you about the best image search engines and the perks of using them.

List of Free Reverse Image Search Engines

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is a web-based tool that doesn’t need installation on your gadgets. Users don’t need to buy a particular device to utilize this tool.

This free photo browsing utility can be accessed through computers and mobile phones with an active internet connection.

You can visit to find out more about this photo browsing and identification tool. Once you get some hands-on experience by searching for a reverse picture online, you can save your precious time.

Uses: This simple to-utilize search by image tool can be used to locate the source, owner’s information, websites using sample photo, and many other details through any gadget

Google Images

In June 2011, Google presented a new reverse image search feature. Google image finder is free to use. You just need to enter the URL of the picture or upload a picture in the search engine. It will give you hundreds of results that contain all formats of data.

Uses: It helps you find the precise details about the picture, checks copyright, gets hundreds of matching photos, and much more.


From offering data browsing services using textual queries to providing the facility to search by picture, Yahoo has always been a reliable source. It also joined the rave when it comes to searching data over the internet using visuals.

Its image search feature is truly a technical success for those who want to find similar photos.

All you have to do is upload the picture or provide the link either from your computer. Yahoo is linked to the major databases so you rest assured that most of the data is cross-checked while finding similar results for you.

Uses: it can track down any illegal use of copyrighted images and provides you with multiple similar pictures that might match the sample.


As the name suggests, Camfind is an app that provides you the ease of browsing via photos. You can upload any picture to find its details. This image search tool is AI-based, which means if you need to find any similar picture, address, place, or anything relevant to the photo, it will bring it to you with more ease.

This app also offers an option of instant sharing on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Furthermore, you can get many useful features like a QR code scanner, voice and text search, language translator, and much more.

Uses instant sharing feature to different social media platforms and it can also be sent via email or MMS. Locating any picture’s source and extensive details is made easier by this tool.

Bing Image Match

It was introduced in March 2014 by Microsoft as a reverse image search. It supports different browsers and all kinds of smart devices so you don’t need a plugin. Same as others you can paste the URL of the photo and it will provide you millions of results that are similar to the uploaded photo.

Uses: It helps you find the particular photo which you are looking for to get some information, get its better version or with different file types, and so on.


Getty Images is also known as the advanced image search engine.  You can also search the pictures through keywords but browsing via picture is a lot easier, faster, and reliable. You can use its extra features by purchasing a plan.

Uses: You can find the exact photo you were looking for by using filters appropriate to your picture.

In the End

As time passes, searches are becoming more efficient and personalized. People all over the world know about text-based search engines. After some time, we also observed voice search, through which we just need to speak, and the research starts. The reverse image search feature also proved to be very useful s it allows users to find similar images by images.

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