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Congress Vachan Patra MP PDF Download – Promissory Note

Congress Vachan Patra MP PDF Download – The promissory note that is known as Vachan Patra in Hindi has been released on Saturday along with the photograph presenting Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and it was by-polls for 28 assembly

The new chief minister was although missing named Digvijay Singh. It was on Saturday the PCC chief and former chief minister has released at it government residence and it was in the presence of former Union minister and former minister Sajjan Verma.

Congress Vachan Patra MP PDF Download 

It was seen that there was a dig, Shivraj Chauhan, about the vachan that has been taken, and neither the old promises have been fulfilled and nor the upcoming one.

It is one of the notes that has been taken by certain ministers that has been into the place.

It is something that has been mentioned by Shivraj that it is been written and forgotten and the promises are never been taken into consideration.

Well, this happens in every case, it claims that will get completed in 10 days.

What all promises that have been made and how many will be fulfilled. All the promises go into the bin and there has been no action taken.

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The second most important is that they are very well aware of the fact that there is nothing to do. So what all promises are being made.

Kamal Nath said that the previous note contains 974 issues. There was seen that the promises were made and a 15-month government there is 574 of the promises are made.

What about the result, there has been seen that the public result is made. Congress Vachan Patra MP PDF Download

It was a the time of covid that Shivraj used to make fun of the same, Kamal Nath said that he has been broken the coconut and other meaningless talks.

The public has made the BJP home after 15 years, the pension will be given to the family and the one deceased in the corona.

There will be a farmer loans up to 2 lakhs. There will be many benefits that will be given. There will be no interest on the loan. This is will a gem for the individuals as there is a certain relief that needs to be included.

The 52 issues that have been made are full of these issues and hence need to be taken into consideration.

Election Campaign

It was noted that the election campaign was going on for the last 7 months and it holds the period where each of the party has to pretend themselves to be one of the strongest of all.

This is one of those advantages that need to be served.

With all this public had to make their decision so that the best party can be selected and take ownership of the issues that have been raised and further will be taken place.

In this case, the Shivraj Singh Chauhan serves to be the star as he is handling all the stuff and with the result.

It was on the occasion of Navratri the congress issue the promissory note. It is being undertaken by Congress and it mentions that the picture holds the prominent leaders while not mentioning the picture of Rahul Gandhi.

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