Elizabeth Warren overtakes Joe Biden in new Iowa poll

Elizabeth Warren overtakes Joe Biden in new Iowa poll

Elizabeth Warren, for the first time, has surpassed Joe Biden in Iowa, state the results of new polls in the early voting stage.

The Des Monies Register, Mediacom put together this survey which has placed the Massachusetts representative at 22% while Joe Biden places at 20%. Vermont representative Bernie Sanders has placed at a third with an 11% headstart on former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg who landed at a 9%. Kamala Harris scored the least amount of votes at a measly 6%.

Corey Booker of New Jersey was tied with Minnesota representative Amy Klobuchar. Booker was quoted saying that he would consider dropping out of the Presidential race if a fundraiser failed to meet expectations. Harris was quoted saying that she will head for an all-round win in the state of Iowa.

Biden currently leads the polls, averaging at 30% of people’s votes, as compared to the 30% of Warren, and 16% of Sanders, with Buttigieg and Harris sitting at 6%.

The Democratic field is being played in Iowa this weekend, with the candidates addressing an LGBTQ presidential forum.

President Donald Trump’s shadow seems to follow the candidates, though, with Warren calling for his impeachment at the steak fry, while saying that she knows what is broken in America, and how to fix it with a grassroots movement.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, asked the crowds with purpose, to pick their heads up and remember that they are the United States of America.

Addressing the Trump initiated investigation into his family for business ties in Ukraine, Biden brought to notice the scandalous behavior of the President and visits of his lawyer – Mr. Rudy Giuliani – to Ukraine.

He said that now, Trump knows that if Biden is nominated, he will not be able to succeed to a second term.

The poll asked likely voters to specify their second choices as well. This showed that 71% of the caucus considered Warren over Biden for their second choice.

32% of the caucus admitted to voting for Sanders in 2016, but changing to Warren this year owing to her more progressive policies attracting Democrats.


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