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‘I Am Not Her’ novel is written by Janet Gurtler. It is an amazingly exasperating, great, and captivating. It is the narrative of sisters who will make you grin and make you extremely upset.

Some readers were somewhat uncertain of going into this novel, yet they were unable to put it down. It is enthusiastic, contacting ride through the lives of two young ladies enduring in unexpected manners.

It is terrifying and dismal to perceive how Kristina’s cancer impacts her, her family, and their locale. It caused the readers to acknowledge how fortunate they are that their family and they have wellbeing.

The end of the story is genuinely stunning and is really what truly saddened many readers. You will simply continue reasoning, why, Janet? Why? For what reason wouldn’t you be able to allow our Kristina some breathing room and simply let her make them thing that fulfills her! 

You are enthusiastically suggested to download the Pdf version of this story. However, it is somewhat difficult to peruse because of the idea of the plot-seeing a little youngster with boundless potential experiencing chemo is motivating yet tragic.

This is an extraordinary contemporary youthful grown-up novel and it is trusted that numerous youthful readers will download it.

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Thus, download the Pdf format of ‘I am not her’ novel to read this powerful and fascinating story.

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