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Marrying Into Her Family Chinese Novel Marriage into Her Family Chinese Novel – A new Chinese novel titled “Marriage into her family” is available on the internet. All those who love reading novels and dramas can download this novel online.

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Synopsis of ‘Marriage into Her Family” Novel

In this novel, Zhang Lihua was pressed to get married to one of the richest men in Beijing. This marriage is arranged to rescue her family’s business. Thus, she plans to divorce her husband once her family’s business is recovered.

But with time she realizes that she has fallen in love with her husband.

Cheng, her husband asks her in his usual cold voice tone that where she is heading to as they were on their honeymoon. Therefore, she was not supposed to run off of the house.

As a result, Lihua responded arrogantly to Cheng when he stopped walking and turned towards her direction.

Lihua replied that is she supposed to remind him that this is just an arranged marriage. And arranged marriages do not have a honeymoon. Next, she leaves the house.

So, to know what happens next, you must download the Pdf file of this novel.

It is an interesting web novel that describes the relationship between Lihua and her husband – Cheng. Hence, download it for free in a Pdf layout.

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