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Metnest black watch

Metnest black watch is one of the latest products by Outcarb. Carrying forward the quality statement of the company, this watch is just another piece of excellence. 

This model is specially designed for a casual and at the same time elegant look. It will give the final candid touch to your outfit and will lift your personality. It goes with almost any outfit like casual jeans or formal suit and tie. 

Does not matter for what purpose you are preparing yourself, be it any party or official meeting or just a sudden reunion with friends, you can slay with your look by wearing this brand-new matt black wristwatch.

      The overall get up of the watch is in charcoal black color. If you are looking for an all-black wristwatch, Metnest watch is ideal for you. 

It is everyday wearable and prone to rough use. It is a good choice for even presenting someone. 

The black dial along with the black straps makes a very impressive look altogether. The analog watch is also suitable for vintage-lovers. 

      Now coming to the looks of the watch, it is a very smart-looking watch with total black round dial and black stainless steel. 

Such designs are being increasingly popular day by day. The dial consists of 2 hands and numbers, all in silver color. 

The dial has a nice jet-black finish on it. The strap comes with a very unique mesh design. 

Both the dial and the strap are very sleek and slim (8mm). That makes the watch light and easy to carry. 

The straps can be adjusted very easily with respect to your wrist size. Also, they are interchangeable. 

The watch is very gentle on the hand and. There is a side dial to adjust the time. 

The Watch glass is fall-resistant and very powerful. At the backside of the watch, some details are inscribed. 

The watch is battery powered. If the hands stop moving you may need new batteries which are easily available in watch-stores. The watch’s water-resistant power is quite impressive (IP640).  

This watch is quite a good deal to grab. Rush to the Outcarb official website and add it to your cart. Outcarb gives you total security while paying online. 

      Alike the other products the return policy is available for Metnest watch also. The company gives 100% attention to customer satisfaction. 

If any unwanted glitch or defect is found you can return the watch. Even if the performance or appearance of the watch does not match with your prepossessed idea, you can make a complaint and the product will be taken back. 

But there are some conditions. You must make the returning process within 30 days of purchase and you will get a full refund against it. 

If the watch is found with a defect, you need not pay the shipping cost. Usually, the refund is accomplished within 4 weeks.

      It does not matter, in what country you live, the Outcarb shipping service is largely extended. It can reach you anywhere. 

While booking the product, the website will show you the expected delivery date. The shipping charges vary from product to product simply on the basis of their weightage every little detail is there on the website. 

As soon as you book the watch it will show you all the important information linked to it. 

       This Metnest  black watch comes with a nice sober case. It is as smart and good-looking as the watch itself. It is made with brushed black stainless steel and has the title Outcarb written on it. 

This case absolutely compliments the watch inside. And if you give it to someone as a gift, the box is perfect that also.

      Each Outcarb product is made with super delicacy and extra-care. Outcarb no doubt fulfills its tagline, “Reimagine time’’. Here are some tips to maintain your watch. Keep your Metnest black watch clean. 

Use clean clothes and water. But a servicing once in 18-24 months is a must. To clean the strap and the hinges, mild soap water is ideal. Avoid keeping it in extreme heat or cold or under direct sunlight.

      Metnest watch is definitely one of the best models by Outcarb. Either for professional purposes or for any normal dinner date, you can pick it up. The all-over outlook of the watch is very trendy and stylish. 

The markers on the dial are easily observable. The battery consumption is very low. 

The straps are long-lasting. The awesome service of Outcarb is always available to make your experience 5 times better. 

The polishes and designs on the watch will remain the same even after daily usage. Such a fabulous looking watch in such an affordable price is very rare. 

After wearing the watch, you will be able to feel that extra-bit of added comfort. After using Outcarb Metnest watch you won’t look at any other one.



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