Midnight Kisses Chapter 4

Midnight Kisses

Midnight Kisses Chapter 4 – Justice grunted, but that was the only response I got.

“What’s your story?” Rage asked, his lip curling. “Didn’t Crescent Clan

already send their heir last year?”


I tipped my chin up. “Nolan is the spare.”

Before Rage could reply, the Land Rover swerved, and I was thrown forward

as Noble slammed on the brakes.

What the…?

“Get down! Rogues!” Noble snapped.

That one word sent ice water through my veins.

Rage grabbed my head and forced me down by the back of the neck so I

could no longer see out the front windshield.

Patches of fur rippled down my arms as I tried to control my wolf. She

wanted to come out now? With a snarl, I twisted and snapped at Rage’s wrist,

fully intending to bite him. He yanked his hand back just in time, and I bolted

upright, peering out the window. “Dammit!”

McCain and his crew.

Rogue wolves were akin to feral cats. They’d left their packs, usually forced

out after repeated offenses. They had zero social skills and were more wolf than

human. McCain was the worst. Stripped of pack and magic, he always wanted

blood—the only way to steal the mage-bestowed magic running through our


What the hell was Noble waiting for? A peace talk?

“Run him over!” I shouted.

McCain stood in the road with his scrappy pseudo-pack of six wolves,

blocking our way.

“I … can’t,” Noble faltered. “It’s against wolf shifter law. They must strike first.”

Was he kidding? I chortled at the lunacy of his statement. “Screw the code!

I’ve seen this guy gnaw the flesh off a grown man faster than a royal betrayal.

Run the rogue over before we—”

A heavy thump on the roof stole my breath, and I froze. I longed to shift into

my wolf form, but my wolf was shy in times of stress. A really lame trait to have

as an alpha heir.

Spinning to my right, I stared at a fully shifted werewolf standing just

outside our window.

“Noble, go!” Justice shouted from shotgun, and the more tolerable of the

brothers gunned the gas.

A loud scraping sound grated across the metal above, reverberating through

the car. I looked up to see three inches of werewolf claws piercing the ceiling.

Before I could formulate a course of action, Rage launched into me, his face

connecting with my chest as he forced me down across Honor’s lap with a

head-butt. “Get off—” I grunted.

Rage rolled to the side, and I gaped in awe as he held a sleek black gun up to

the roof of the car.

A small snapping noise rang out, a burst of light exiting the barrel with each

silver bullet, followed by two more. Good thing they had silencers or all four of

us would be deaf for the next hour. My ears just rang a little.

A thud rocked the car as Noble plowed through the group of rogues, and a

faint keening registered before it was gone.

My attention went from the holes in the roof to the giant dominant draped

over me. I blinked at him, and my lips parted.

Those eyes!

His glasses had come off, and my thoughts derailed as I stared. Fire danced

across my skin, its heat soaking deep into my chest and melting my insides.

His startling green eyes, the color of spring grass, held me captive for one

long breath. That warmth in my belly was not attraction.

Nope. So, I pushed it

down and reminded myself that this guy was an idiot … and an ass. But … I

wasn’t prepared for how hot a total douche could be. Striking and unique seemed

inadequate adjectives—

What the hell?

My nostrils flared, and I closed my mouth with a snap. His baseball cap had

flown off in the scuffle, and peeking out from under his tousled hair, the outline

of a full moon shimmered across the surface of his skin. The mark of Midnight

royalty was on his forehead.

These weren’t regular guards. Of all the packs, they belonged to my sworn


Midnight. S NARLING,

I shoved at Rage, trying to wiggle the rest of my way out from

underneath him.

“Get off me,


!” I hissed.

I should have known it would be them. Of course, the alpha king would send

Midnight Clan to retrieve me. To rub it in my face.

But royalty?

Sending one of their heirs—or four of them to be exact—that wasn’t done.

Most clans had at least ten to twenty heirs to ensure someone would be bred

strong enough to take over the pack when the alpha died. I didn’t know much

about Midnight Pack other than they were the ones who drove our clan out of the

magic lands. If the king sent his heirs to retrieve me, they must be distant spares,

not even worthy enough to enroll in Alpha Academy.

His eyes widened as if I’d slapped him, and he growled back. “I said stay …

down!” His gaze darted to my lips, and then he licked his own.

My mouth dried, and I blinked up at him stupidly.

“Hey, Rage,” Honor said, his voice drifting down to me from above. “We’re

all good here. Safe and sound.” He cleared his throat. “Get off her so she can get

off me. Please.”

I was basically lying in Honor’s lap.


Rage pushed up, his right arm caging me in on one side and his brother’s

chest on the other.

My gaze bounced, trying to escape the dominant over me, and I sagged with

relief when all I could see was the mangled ceiling … and Honor staring down at me.


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