Midnight Kisses Chapter 5

Midnight Kisses

Midnight Kisses Chapter 5 –  He raised his brows, and I noted his eyes were hazel—not spring-grass


“You should sit up—and wipe the drool off your chin,” he said with a

cheeky grin.

I shot up so fast my hair tumbled into my face as I bounced off Honor and

smacked into Rage by accident.

This damn car was too small for these giants!

“Oww,” I muttered between clenched teeth, pushing my hair back.

Honor chuckled, and without thinking, I swung my right elbow back,

twisting my body with the strike to give it extra power. I felt my elbow connect

with his collarbone, and he released a muffled grunt, making me grin.



it, and it wasn’t anything more than I’d do with Mack when he

was out of line.

A blur of brown hair flew into my face, and I came face-to-face with Rage

once again.


hit my brother,” he snapped.

Sucking in a sharp breath, I tried to swallow as my retort caught in my

throat. The other three spoke all at once.

“Ease up, Rage.”

“I’m fine,” Honor said.

“Give the cub a break,” Noble spoke from the driver’s seat. “She’s just

asserting dominance.”

Justice managed to get out “Seriously, Rage—”

And then I lost it. “Get the hell out of my face unless you want to lose one of

those pretty green eyes!”

I planted my hands on his chest, splayed out fingers over rock hard muscle,

and then shoved him against the door with a snarl. Climbing onto my knees, I

leaned forward—into his personal space. “The next time you decide to play


, remember which clan you belong to—and which one you don’t.” I shoved

him one more time and added, “I don’t answer to you, so stop with the pissing


My heart thrummed with adrenaline as my actions caught up to my


Not smart, Nai.

Rage’s expression was pure murder. His eyes glowed orange, and I could


how close his wolf was. A pelt of black fur swam down his arm before

disappearing beneath his skin.

Forcing a tight smile, I smoothed his shirt. “Uh, so yeah, this car is small,

and that … might’ve been a little more than necessary.”

I yanked my hands back, realizing that I was practically feeling him up. With

my cheeks burning, I took my seat and fastened my belt.

The other three men all stared at me.

Closing my eyes to them, I tamped down the urge to run—not that there was

anywhere to go.

“Maybe we should … uh … start over,” Noble said. “My name is Noble,

from Midnight Clan.”

I blinked my eyes open.

Before I could ask, he pointed to the guy riding shotgun. “This is my brother

Justice.” Then he pointed to the dude on my left. “And Honor.”

Yeah, I’d caught the names before, but I’d play along for nicety sake.

I turned to Rage. “Is your name really Rage?” Unsurprisingly, he curled his

lip in a non-answer, so I glanced back to Honor. “Is it?”

Because if their mom named three of them after virtues and one after a vice

“His name is Courage, but…” Noble faced forward and put the car in gear

before merging back onto the road.

Shaking my head, I snorted and then muttered, “But clearly, Rage suits him


Noble and Honor chuckled, and Justice grunted, but it wasn’t lost on me that

none of them bothered to contradict me.

I continued playing nice. “I’m Nai.”

They all just nodded but stayed silent.


The next hour crawled.

The strain between me and three of the Virtue brothers waned—a little. At

least enough for me to ask a few questions and listen in on their good-natured

teasing. The other one, Rage, just sat next to me like a tightly-coiled snake ready

to strike. I’d learned they’d been raised on the island and pried for more info.

“Do all three clans live on the island or just Midnight?” I asked. The magic

lands were as big as the United States and host to all types of shifters and mages.

But Alpha Island, where the school was, held the royal heirs of each line while

they went through school. Yet, I wondered where the rest of the packs resided. I

heard Midnight Pack held over a thousand wolves. Could they all live on one

island? If so, how big was it?

Justice flattened his lips and shook his head. “Seriously, you don’t know


“All of the wolf packs live on Alpha Island—except those from Crescent

Clan and the rogues,” Noble interjected before his brother and I could start a


I knew my father’s pack had been excommunicated for some reason, but I

didn’t know whether our pack lived in the magic lands or on actual Alpha Island

prior to being kicked out and forced to live among humans.

“Do any other shifters live there?” I heard a long time ago they all did.

“Alpha Island is for werewolves only,” Justice growled.

I frowned. “Yeah?”

From what my father was able to tell me, I’d learned the island, in the past,

was for all royals whose magic allowed them to shapeshift. Not just werewolves.

“When did that happen again? That it became werewolves only?” I asked,

pressing my luck.

“Do you always talk this much?” Rage growled, plugging his ears.

I ignored the idiot on my right, but when no one answered my previous

question, I decided to try another vein.

“So, can you tell me anything about what happens at the school?” I tried to

shift the conversation to different waters.


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