Russia’s Oligarch: Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev

Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev

Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev

The Russian swayer and agent, Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev was born in 1959.

In May 2000, Lebedev was recorded as maybe the foremost extravagant Russian. He is the half-man of affairs of the Russian paper Novaya Gazeta and man of affairs of 4 UK papers enceinte Evgeny Lebedev: the London Evening commonplace, The freelance, on Sunday and therefore the I-paper.

Alexander Lebedev is Christian Orthodox, he’s an energetic supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church, collaborating in philanthropic and social exercises of the Church.

Mr. Lebedev is standing preliminary for roguishness and political disdain, over punching a questionable property capitalize on a program in 2011. He has known as the fees politically galvanized.

Alexander Lebedev shows a solid religion in news-casting and therefore the chance of the media. He’s a donor and his loosely liberal certifications incorporate a forty-ninth stake, along with his companion, the previous Soviet pioneer solon, in Novaya Gazeta – a crusading paper celebrated for its plucky analytical asserting in his country.

Notwithstanding, the common astuteness is that Lebedev remains one thing of a Kremlin man, trustworthy to Vladimir Putin, whose negative asides regarding the pioneer square measure borderline over a lot to the silent irritation of his kindred head honchos, he savors the expertise of criticizing them for his or her fixation on extravagance yachts and therefore the totally different uninteresting trappings thus darling of Russia’s nouveau wealth.

Indeed, even in his way of life, he shows others however it’s done.

By some separation the scruffiest of the oligarchs, he’s undeniably a larger quantity of the people than the larger a part of his friends.

How Alexander Lebedev was a British press aristocrat:

  • Twenty-Four March 2010 – The freelance are offered to Lebedev ‘inside twenty-four hours’
  • Nine March 2010 – Lebedev’s acquisition of Indy approaches consummation
  • Twenty-Five February 2010 – Lebedev starts oftentimes group action leeway for securing of Independents
  • Twenty-Five February 2010 – Alexander Lebedev registers freelance Print Ltd at corporations House
  • Seventeen February 2010 – IN&M hostile with workers over deal conditions to Lebedev
  • Eighteen Dec 2009 – IN&M makes prepared for Lebedev getting, what a distinction 5 months create
  • Eighteen Dec 2009 – IN&M affirms selective procurance converses with Lebedev
  • Sixteen June 2009 – freelance deal accepted to admit overall article rights
  • Eleven June 2009 – Media Week reports that Lebedev is ready to get the freelance
  • Twenty-Eight April 2009 – Anthony O’Reilly chases for purchasers for The freelance



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